How To Survive In Zimbabwe At The Moment

How To Survive In Zimbabwe At The Moment

Practical Steps:

1. Find something that you can do that doesn't need you to import but to produce with local materials.

2. Find something that you can be exporting.

3. Don't sell any of your assets now.

4. If you have kumusha buy cattle now and keep especially if your home area is not hit by the drought.

5. Downsize. If u have a car downsize to a smaller and more fuel-efficient model.If you are renting a full house downsize to a smaller house or change suburbs.

How To Survive In Zimbabwe At The Moment

6. Don't do things for prestige. Send your children to a school you can afford.

7. If you have space to grow vegetables, breed chickens.

8. If you are renting but have a stand elsewhere move to your stand. Build something basic and go stay at your stand. Forego luxury living. 

9. If you are married don't fight over money. Hapana hapana.Put your heads together and think of survival tactics instead of fighting and accusing each other. Not everyone can sell things or be a vendor.

10. Be at peace! This is important. Stress levels will go up. They are already up! Don't be a victim of things that are not under your control. Speak to others and pray with others. 

11. This is the time to be very faithful to your partner and focus on more important things.

God bless you Zimbabweans tinokunda chete.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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