God Will Reward Your Diligence

God Will Reward Your Diligence


A security man who was guiding a company went to a night vigil and came back late, he was tired and he tried and went to work. On securing the company, he slept off during the day time, the owner of the company came out and saw him sleeping

He got angry and woke him up, he woke up and saw how furious his boss is. He try explaining to him the reasons why he was sleeping at duty but he wasn't giving him any attention and he sacked him from the company.

The man left the company in tears, he has been working faithfully and had never for once slept during day time nor had any bad report from his boss

As he was shedding tears, walking back home. A car drove passed him and later revised back. A man from the car call him and he came near him. He asked him why he was crying and he explained everything to him then the man laughed and told him that he shouldn't worry and that he has been favored
God Will Reward Your Diligence
God Will Reward Your Diligence

He went further to tell him that, when he saw him at the night vigil yesterday something in him told him to assist him with a job. The man with joy cried tearfully thanking God for what He has just done.

Luckily for him, the man took him back to the company where he was been sacked and made him the manager of the company.

The former security servant just realized his so call boss isn't the owner of the company but just a steward. Unfortunately for his ex-boss, he was sacked from the company that same day and he came back begging for the manager's help to beg the boss on his behalf.

Please always treat your servant, workers, or anyone who is under you well because you don't know tomorrow. You don't know who they would be in the future, of course, they could be your future helpers

Nobody had ever served God and went unrewarded. Don't worry if you lose your opportunity because of your love towards God because God is going to replenish it a hundredfold.

I pray God turns all the plans of your enemies into blessings in your life in JESUS' NAME.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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