Don't Marry Into A Family That Hates You Passionately

Don't Marry Into A Family That Hates You Passionately

Dear Lady

Don't marry into a family that doesn't like you with your two eyes closed. Especially the ones that don't hide their hatred for You. 

Their Son likes you, he'll defend you, but for your own good, if you must marry into such a  family at all, don't go without your Brain.

A Lady married into a family that never liked her, her husband who was a very wealthy man was her shield, he made sure his family never had access to her..

Life was good.

One day, the man died.

This Woman saw pepper from her in-laws because she was naive and unprepared for what had happened.

The family collected everything, as in everything her husband had from her.. Cars, Houses, even to the house she was living in, they came for it.

Because her name wasn't in any of the documents and she was also afraid of her life, she had no fighting power. 

She was left with NOTHING.

If you find yourself in a family that hates you as a Woman, note the following:

1) You can't afford to be spiritually asleep. A family member can decide to go diabolic, if you like to travel to another continent, juju gets GPS. Hold God strong. I repeat, sleep with one eye open. 

Don't Marry Into A Family That Hates You Passionately

2) Have your own Money.  I don't even think it's wise for any Woman to be without her own money, bad inlaws or not, . What if the husband begins to misbehave as per family/friends or side chic influence on him? What will happen to her? 

Every Married Woman, housewife or not should to a reasonable extent be financially independent and her husband should be aware and supportive of it. 

3) Ensure you have good legal representation and properties are bought in the name of both of you. Wahala can come from anywhere.  This world is wild. 

4) Know law enforcement agents. Everybody in such a situation should at least have a soldier, or police as a close friend. Anybody do anyhow after you pray for them, you call soldier/police for them. Is not a Sin. 

Everybody will maintain. 


Marrying into a family that hates the sight of you isn't something I wish any lady.. Everyone deserves to marry and have Peace. It is well 

(c) Musa Gift 


Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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