18+ Wise Wife To Hubby: Wake Me Up For a Quickie!

18+ Wise Wife To Hubby: Wake Me Up For a Quickie!

My husband

Good morning

So come on

Make love to me good

I am about to have a long day

So give me all of your long stick

Stick it inside me

For you and I are stuck like glue for life

Before the hustle and bustle

Do the rubbing and touching

Before you go to work

Work on my sexual feelings

Squeeze me

Like a hawker squeezes his goods

Test for yourself whether the two fruits on my chest

Are ripe, succulent, and juicy this new day

Eat me

Like a CEO eats his tasty meal

Taste and you will find my swollen flesh

Is ready for your feasting

Before you
18+ Wise Wife To Hubby: Wake Me Up For a Quickie!
18+ Wise Wife To Hubby: Wake Me Up For a Quickie!

leave the house and drive on the highway

Ride my body at a hundred thrusts per minute

On the highway, you will find traffic

But on the road inside my body, you will find no obstruction

On my sweet, tight, one-lane road

There is no cop to tell you don't go in

I am not that wife who gives excuses

Excuses of headaches, periods, or saying I'm not in the mood

I am that kind of wife who needs a kick in the morning

Kick start my morning with your sugar

Give me your sugar high

I need to feel your spoon stirring the sweetness inside my hot coffee pot

Wake up my husband

Wake up hard or I am going to make you hard

Either way, before the sun rises in the east

I need you to mark your territory down south

Wake up and pin me down

Kiss me like you've never kissed me before

Let me taste passion on your tongue

Let me taste desire on your lips

Strip off the memories I had of our past sex

As you clothe me with new memories of lovemaking

Go inside me with bravado

Because you know you're the only man for me Oh

Touch my inner world

Make me scream from head to toe

Drain my energy so early in the morning

Make me sweat cause you're my gym

Flip me, turn me, take command of my body/

Commander in Chief

Let your armed forces govern me

My one-man army, fire away

Fire multiple rounds inside me

Go deeper I say; harder

Drill me like you're looking for oil

I am your Turkana, spilling my oil all over you

Dip. Thrust. Push. Pump

Let me give you what your hard head is after

Pour all your white juice inside me

Yes, I can handle it

Catch your breath as I catch mine

For a little longer, let's stay in bed

It feels good for a wife

When she starts the day feeling sexy and wanted.

Content Credit:© Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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