11 Questions You Should Ask That Guy Before You Marry Him

11 Questions You Should Ask That Guy Before You Marry Him

Ask these questions before you embark on a journey of no return. Once you are married to him, your destiny is sealed! No more questions but submission!

1. IS HE TRULY BORN AGAIN? Fake born-again brothers are everywhere. Everyone is now born again including the devil! Watch his character as well as his confession. "By their fruits, ye shall know them."

2. WHICH CHURCH DOES HE ATTEND? His church doctrine affects everything he does. If you are not comfortable with his church. Let him go.

3. WHAT IS HIS VISION? You need to know his aspirations in life so you can know how to help him fulfill his destiny. If he has no vision, he doesn't need a wife. Your life is too precious to waste on a visionless man.

4. DOES HE HAVE AN EX? And what led to the break up so he won't repeat the same mistake in yours. You must also find out if they still contact each other lest you have a rival in marriage.

5. DOES HE BELIEVE IN PRE-MARITAL SEX? If he does, end the relationship!
11 Questions You Should Ask That Guy Before You Marry Him
11 Questions You Should Ask That Guy Before You Marry Him

6. WHAT DOES LOVING A WOMAN MEAN TO HIM? If it means kisses, romance, sex and nothing more, he is a playboy, lose him and let him go!

7. WOULD YOU BE WORKING AFTER MARRIAGE? Some men want their wives to be full-time housewives. She must not do any work or business of her own and must completely depend on him for survival. You need to iron this out before you get married so you won't marry a man who will kill your destiny.

8. WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU CAN DO IN MARRIAGE THAT WILL MAKE HIM NEVER FORGIVE YOU. Some men can not take flirting from another man to their wives talk less of cheating. Some can't handle secrets or contacting all your exes for whatever reason in the world. You should both settle this before marriage so you won't do anything that will make him commit murder.

9. WILL HE BE ASSISTING YOU WITH HOUSE CHORES? Some men believe women are slaves and baby-making factories! Nothing more! Find out about his view about companionship and helping each other with tasks including domestic chores before you settle down with him so you won't come crying a few years after marriage your husband is not helping you in the house.© Seun Oladele, 2018.

10. DOES HE BELIEVE IN RUNNING A JOINT OR SEPARATE BANK ACCOUNT IN MARRIAGE? This matters a lot. The money issue is one of the leading causes of divorce worldwide. You both need to discuss your view on working, earning, keeping, investing, and wealth creation. If your views don't tally and your beliefs are miles apart as far as the east is from the west, you don't belong together. End the relationship.

11. WOULD ANY OF HIS FAMILY MEMBERS BE LIVING WITH YOU AFTER MARRIAGE? This is very crucial. Many marriages have blown apart due to unnecessary interference of in-laws, especially the mother and siblings. Iron this out before you settle down.

These are more are the questions you need to ask your partner before you agree to marry him, I mean before you take your vows at the altar. Once you say "I DO" to this man, it is forever. Whatever you experience in your marriage after, becomes your destiny. The earlier you find out the things you need to find out about him, the better.

Dating is not for having sex, it is for asking serious questions. Courtship is not just for planning a wedding, it is opening your 2 eyes wide and doing your final assessment before you embark on a journey of no return.

May you not mis-choose!

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

©Seun Oladele,


Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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