Zukiswa Joyi: "What Does She Have That I Don't Have?"


By Zukiswa Joyi

Another error I've seen under the sun, A woman degrading, disregarding and disrespecting another fellow woman simply because "What does she have that I don't have"... I've seen women who only respect and honor the opposite sex because well they have something that "women don't have."
Zukiswa Joyi: "What Does She Have That I Don't Have?"
Zukiswa Joyi: "What Does She Have That I Don't Have?" 

I've seen a woman whose so rude, harsh and unkind when talking to her fellow women yet the same woman acting so respectful and kind when talking to men.

Can I submit to you sis

If not for anything else, please understand that some of your destiny helpers are other women, many of the people God will use for your upliftment in the different spheres of life, be it your education, your career. Business and even Marriage, yes God can use that same woman to get you to your husband, he did with Ruth and Naomi. Imagine if Ruth had no respect, no honor or submission to Naomi, she would have never gotten married to Boaz, she wouldn't have been in the great lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ, today you cannot talk about Jesus's genealogy without mentioning his great grandmother Ruth.

Sis matters of destiny are very sensitive, Don't be in an unnecessary competition with your fellow women, God used a Woman to help me start up my perfume business, God used another woman to help me get the Job I'm doing, I'm just giving you some few reasons why you should honor and respect other women (not that you must respect people only to get something though) . Some of you can chase and beg after a man whose just using you to satisfy his sexual appetite, he cheats on you and you still beg him to take you back, yet one misunderstanding with your fellow woman , you cut her off, you can't nurture your relationships with your sisters because you feel you don't need them. Please receive some wisdom and change your destructive ways.



Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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