Simple Secrets Of Happiness in Marriage.

Simple Secrets Of Happiness in Marriage.

1. Always think of your partner before you think of yourself.

2. Always bring your marriage to the feet of Christ in prayers.

3. Learn to answer softly, for a soft answer turns away wrath.

4. Forgive your partner in advance even before they ask for forgiveness.
Simple Secrets Of Happiness in Marriage.
 Simple Secrets Of Happiness in Marriage.

5. Encourage your spouse and remind them they can do it or achieve it.

6. Before you react, put yourself in your spouse's shoes.

7. Before you get angry, always ask, "what if I'm wrong"?

8. When you partner does something that hurts you,before you explode, ask yourself "what if his/her intentions was not to hurt me"? Because there must be times in your life that your good intentions are misinterpreted.

9. Make God the first person you talk to before talking to anyone else...

10. Don't keep secrets from your partner. If possible, let your partner have your phone password, this as little as it may be will go a long way in removing doubts and suspicion in your marriage.

Note: Nothing kills marriage faster than Suspicion. Deal with it...

11. Don't ever lie to your partner. Lying may seem temporarily as a way of escape, but it's actually what destroys marriages.

12. Always plan with your spouse, not plan for them or impose your plans... Let him/her be part of the process of your growth. Even if they don't have to do anything, this alone is enough to make them feel part of the policymakers.

Finally... I know you may wonder why I didn't say "Love each other" But actually, all we mentioned here is what love is in marriage.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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