Read: An Abusive Husband Is A Wrongly Raised Son!


Your 3years old son gets angry whenever you give him food he doesn't want and throws it on you, you laugh and say " children ahh"

Baby boy will lift his hands and slap you when he wants you to drop him... All you'd say is "you're beating mummy"

No other child in that area messes with him... And you're calling him "A no-nonsense boy"

He picks up things from the ground and hits people whenever he's stopped from doing something... You smile and call him "action boy." You expose him to all manner of violence and say "He's a man, man suppose get mind." Is there anything manly about violence?

A few years down the line the teenage boy bullies his sisters, commands them around, and shares slap as souvenirs with anyone that dares to challenge him. You call him "man of the house." Is this the definition of masculinity?

Read: An Abusive Husband Is A Wrongly Raised Son!
Read: An Abusive Husband Is A Wrongly Raised Son!

He grew up having his way all through. Now he's a full-grown man in society. And it's not funny anymore. He beats up his wife, thinking violence is both being manly and a sign of love. Abusive husbands didn't fall from the sky, someone raised a boy wrongly. It's easier to train a son than to correct a husband. Apostle Sibiya is calling for us to teach them now and enjoy the benefits later!

Young boys who grow up being corrected by violent means or seeing their fathers beating up their wives are more likely to become violent. The narrative must change, it starts with us the man, stopping gender-based violence on the whole and inter-partner violence, specifically. We, as man have to model it out for our young they say, children will always hear what you teach them but will always do what you do. from today, choose to be a father, a dad, a trainer, a role model and a non-violent man.

I am a man, I am a game changer, I am transforming the story...It is more manly to kiss my wife than to be violent!
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Dialogue is the best, raise your hand to love not to beat.  There is, absolutely, no justification for beating the ones we love. If you see that you are in the heat of the moment just PAUSE-WALK AWAY-CALL 08 080 117 or send a Whatsapp message to 0782 486 559. My message to the community is that when you see signs of abuse or violence please speak out, call 08 080 117.

Issues of domestic violence against women are on the rise in Zimbabwe with 1 in every 2 women reporting having experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from a current or former partner or husband. That is so disheartening. 


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