Dear Unmarried Minister...

Dear Young Unmarried Minister.

You are in a Relationship

You're jumping from 12 hours in tongues to 24 hours stretch programs left, right, center, 3 days will pass, you will not bother to hear from your fiancee, is like you don forget your relationship status.

She'll call you to hear your voice, you'll not pick, you'll now call the next day, that you were on the mountain, you went to see God.

She'll send you a message, you won't reply till 24 hours later, you'll later tell her you were doing Bible study on the mountain.

Small-time, you'll tell her you're going for 40 days of prayer on the mountain, she'll say okay, that she'll miss you oh.

When you return from the 40 days, you'll still not spare one or two hours to give her attention.


Is it God that told you that the way to Power is to neglect your relationship or marriage? You didn't read your Bible to know that Peter was married?
Dear Unmarried Minister...
Dear Unmarried Minister...

If you think a relationship is a distraction, what will you now call Marriage? And Marriage is even more demanding.

You're not ready for marriage laidis, lai lai.

Tomorrow, even after Marriage, that's how you'll neglect and starve her of your time, your presence, your body. She'll be starved emotionally and se*ually.

Your home will be on fire, and you'll be traveling all around mending other people's homes, your wife is crying at home for your attention Sir

You're jumping from one mountain to another mountain, meanwhile, your marriage is in the Valley, Well done Sir.

Oga, strike a BALANCE between your spiritual and emotional/marital life.

Please, never marry a woman you won't make happy.

If you know you don't plan to pay attention to the needs of a relationship/marriage, remain single.

(c) Musa Gift.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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