Dear Single...Se* Experience Truths

Dear Single.

Don't let anybody deceive you.

Se*ual Experience before Marriage doesn't better prepare you for Marriage

Being a Se*ual Expert and Ph.D. Holder in bedroom matters as a single isn't a criterion for a Happy Marriage or a fulfilling Sex Life after Marriage. In fact, it can prove counterproductive.

Some young men are being told that their decision to marry as a virgin will backfire, that how will they satisfy their wives after marriage, they need to practice and become Pros while single.

What a big Fat Lie.
Dear Single...Se* Experience Truths
Dear Single...Se* Experience Truths

Some Ladies are told that if they marry as a virgin, their wedding night will be messy and painful, and as such their first time with their husband will be an embarrassment, and that they need to abandon their Virginity now, and become experts so they can wow their Husband on their wedding night and thereafter.

All Lies.

Sexual expertise can be acquired after Marriage. In fact, it's best when acquired with the person you Married.

Practice can always begin anytime. And the best time is when you are married.

If you are keeping yourself, please continue.

You and your partner can learn together after Marriage. It's not foolish to marry as a sexual novice.

It'll even be fun discovering things together and learning together, laughing at each other as you make mistakes, and becoming better, growing over the years to become experts at pleasing each other in za Oda room.

Plus the fact that you escape the health hazards, pregnancy, prevention drugs, abortion, guilt, infections, and the spiritual consequences,.


(c) Musa Gift.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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