Why Men Are Scared Of Making The First Move On These 6 Types Of Women

Why Men Are Scared Of Making The First Move On These 6 Types Of Women

1. If the woman has a ring on their finger

A ring on the finger of a woman definitely is an indicator of something. It is either the woman is engaged or the woman is probably a wife to someone.

If you are neither engaged nor married to someone, then probably that could be the reason why Most Men have been put off. Unless a man wants just to flirt and play around, they will not easily make the first move on a woman once they notice that the woman has a ring on her finger.

2. Woman who is not dressed decently

The way a woman dresses is actually very important to a man. You can actually tell the character or a person and their personality by the manner in which they dress. Indecent dressing tells a man that the woman is probably not ready to settle in a relationship.

Serious men who want to settle down with a woman will not easily be moved by indecency and the wearing of clothes that are revealing too much. Most if not all men, consider women who are dressed decently to be wide materials and they can be more than willing to make a move on them.

3. A woman who is ever busy

One thing you should know is that before a man makes a bold move of approaching a woman, they will always have time to observe the woman and analyze a few things here and there. There are these types of women that are ever busy.

They actually never create time for themselves and time for leisure. It is all about career and work and nothing else. It is definitely good to have a career life and chase your dreams but never forgets to also enjoy life within its limits. Men actually easily connect with women that are fun-loving.
Why Men Are Scared Of Making The First Move On These 6 Types Of Women
Why Men Are Scared Of Making The First Move On These 6 Types Of Women

4. Women who make the first move on them

If there is one thing that men don't just take lightly is when a woman decides to make the first move on him. Men love it when they are the ones in control they sometimes become scared when a woman takes the role. Most men do actually believe that it is their job to make the first move on a woman.

5. Lover of money

A man will actually know whether it is money you are interested in or him. The more a man gets to interact with the woman, the more he gets to understand the real intention of the woman. No man will be comfortable once he gets to realize that you are only interested in whatever the man has.

6. Women who are negative about men

There are some wrong notions that some women have about men that literally chase men away. The way a woman actually talks about men is one of the clear signs that they are negative about them. A woman should always mind her words especially when around men. If any man since a lot of negativity, they will obviously stay away.

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