"Why Am I So Unlucky With Bad Boys?"

"Why Am I So Unlucky With Bad Boys?"

Dear Lady

When as a lady, you find yourself in the class of ladies bemoaning ALL their past relationships

"Why am I so unlucky, I always meet bad guys".

"I'm yet to date a good guy"

Sit down, and ask yourself this question
"Why Am I So Unlucky With Bad Boys?"
"Why Am I So Unlucky With Bad Boys?"

Why am I always ATTRACTING/ACCEPTING bad guys?

The parameters you use to screen a potential date are very important........

Through counseling, I have discovered some ladies don't have any standards, nothing.

How can you accept a guy simply because he asked you out, even admission into the university is not that easy, how much more admission into your life.

You didn't try to verify his character, his spiritual depth, maturity, no prayers, no friendship first, nothing.

You just took him because he has money, and he has beards.

I celebrate you oh.

Some will even see that this guy is not good for them, obvious red flags, but, feelings and sharwama will not allow them to make the right decision.

No mentor or counselor you even relate to.

How can you carry termite-infested wood and not expect to see termites?

As a Lady, take your time today and really ask yourself this question.

"What are the things I must see in a Man before I accept to date him."

Have standards.

You are not a Hospital

(c) Musa Gift.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship

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