Virginity Above 30, A Curse Or A Blessing?


I had to write this article because many people need this in a moment like this.

Our generation celebrates evil and scorns good.

A lady posted that someone is 41 and still a virgin and many people took the critic pen to write that they can't be virgins at 40 and be proud... Really? So if you don't find someone who is willing to wait until marriage before sex and you are above 30, you will give up your virginity and morals just to be accepted for marriage?
Virginity Above 30, A Curse Or A Blessing?
Virginity Above 30, A Curse Or A Blessing?

Who even told you that marriage is an achievement? Who told you that it's everyone that wants to get married?

Who told you that a woman is only supposed to be virtuous because of marriage?

If you are still a virgin, hear this:

"It is wrong to keep virginity because of marriage. You will be frustrated if that's your reason for keeping your virginity. Keep your virginity because it's a principle that makes you clean, pure, undefiled, and proud. Keep your virginity in compliance with God's Word. Keep keeping it even if no one values it because you may not know the worth until you lose it.

Don't let anyone cajole you into thinking that you have failed if you are not yet married and still a virgin... You have not failed, you have passed what millions have failed!

But more importantly, don't be a foolish virgin that is only waiting for the groom. Be a wise virgin. Get extra oil of wisdom, home training, respect, humility, gentleness, peace-loving, and kindness. Let it not be that the only value you have is your unbroken hymen.

God no go shame you.

All those laughing at you today will be amazed at what God will do in your life...

No, be who laughs the first laugh well...

No, be who starts race dey finish first.....

God will shame all your scorners...

Virginity pays when garnished with some extra oil..... Get more oil.

God bless you.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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