I Know Who I Love, I Don't Know Who Loves Me

"You always know who you love, but you won't always know who loves you."

~ African proverb

Meaning: in your heart, you know the person you love. But you can't read other people's hearts.

Sometimes, certain people who love you, will be unable to express their true feelings. As such, you won't know, especially if you're not keen at observing the "signs" of love language.
I Know Who I Love, I Don't Know Who Loves Me
I Know Who I Love, I Don't Know Who Loves Me

However, one needs not jump to conclusions over this; because some people love to express love openly through their actions, you might think it's a "sign" for you, yet that's just how they treat everyone!

The other challenge is, even if you're certain that someone is treating you "extra" special, you might not know their motives. Are they being moved by love, or driven by lust? Genuine love gives gifts to show affection. But lust will give gifts to influence decisions. Watch out for requests that come shorty after receiving gifts.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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