I Don't See A Reason I Should Get Counseling: Wicked Deception

I Don't See A Reason I Should Get Counseling: Wicked Deception


The above caption sounds like it makes sense but that is exactly how many people won't seek help that they need and can get.

So, you think all the doctors who treat you and you get better never have any ailments or sometimes treat you while sick themselves?

I have always taught that I AM NOT THE STANDARD.

I stand on God's word so that I can be AN EXAMPLE but the word is not limited to my example!

The word of God is beyond the minister or counselor and their failings or struggle doesn't invalidate it.

If the minister/counselor has to be PERFECT before they ever step out into their calling, NOBODY would be in ministry/counseling today!
I Don't See A Reason I Should Get Counseling: Wicked Deception
I Don't See A Reason I Should Get Counseling: Wicked Deception

So yes, it is important that the minister/counselor is an active participant in the teachings and principles they bring, a fact that should be seen in their lives.

However, they are as much a work in progress as everyone else.

For example,

Julia and I still misunderstand each other let's say like 1,000 times a day.

We disagree like a flowing river.

Wait for example until parenting styles alone show you how different you are!

Does marriage make you immune to temptation? Nope!

Will overcoming one temptation mean you have overcome all temptations? Nope!

Will more temptations come that you will need to flee all your life, yup!

In fact, the Bible says that there is no temptation that befalls one that is not common to ALL!...including your ministers/counselors.

So, as you seek the excuse to say that "everyone is dealing with something," so you don't need the graces of those God has called to help you, remember that you are denying yourself help that God has made available for you.

To the minister/counselor - the principle will be more easily received when your life is an example of it. So strive, work it out through grace, and be it.

If you ever failed at any,


The righteous may fall seven times the word says but, he rises again!

Satan will try to invalidate your call by making reference to your fall or where you didn't get it all perfect, He is a liar.

Pick up, don't pack up.

Ocholi Okutepa.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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