Facts About True Girlfriends


1. They are very jealous if you're dating them, Don't even flirt with another girl (it hurts)

2. They act like they are very mature on the first outing. But once they are free with you, believe me, they will give you a headache (they do so because they trust you now)

3. They don't need your money. Your sincerely to them matters a lot (that doesn't mean you won't buy things for them)

4. They get angry for every little reason. They just want to hear that word "I'm sorry" (it means a lot to them)

5. If they love you, they love you for real. But if they hate you, just forget it (Go and download another love elsewhere)
Facts About True Girlfriends
Facts About True Girlfriends

6. They don't cheat (these ones are wife material but very rare)

7. They slay but they don't smoke, they drink alcohol little, they like clubbing little once.

8. They have the heart of an egg, easily broken (so don't hurt them)

9. They help in planning your future with you because they want the best for you (marry them)

10. They love when you whisper to their ears; "I Love You." I'm a man, but I understand how girls feel when they are heartbroken.

Don't ever hurt them because it even angers God.

Ladies at the back is it loud and clear enough?


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