China NaTete Moira: Basic Kitchen Yemunhukadzi

China NaTete Moira: Basic Kitchen Yemunhukadzi

1. A good working 4 plate stove with oven.

2. Full cutlery sets. Stainless steel. At least 2 sets of 6 table knives, forks, tablespoons, and teaspoons. Then at least 12 more teaspoons. Nekuti izvi zvinogara zvakamera makumbo

3. At least 6 good dish towels. 2 of which must not be used and must remain new for emergency

4. 2 sets of good quality pots. A set has different sizes including frying pans

5. Serving bowls, platters, and serving spoons.

6. Table cloths, table mats, coasters, and vases. Please note that when you set the table, you either use the table cloth on its own or table mats only. Hazviiswe zvese ka1
China NaTete Moira: Basic Kitchen Yemunhukadzi
China NaTete Moira: Basic Kitchen Yemunhukadzi

7. Trays. Good quality trays. Food is not carried mumaoko or armpits. Even 1 cup of tea is served in a tray.

8. Tea sets. Teapot, sugar basin, milk jug, teacups with saucers. Please note that teacup and coffee mugs are 2 different things. At least 12 cups and saucers.

9. Side plates, soup bowls, dessert bowls. At least 2 sets of 6. Please if your family is bigger or the dining table has 12 settings, for example, double the quantity.

10. Knives. Bread knife, knives for meat, etc. at least 2 chef’s knives, and 4 other good sharp ones.

11. Black kango pots for fire. At least 1 of each size.

12. Water glasses. Water jugs . Ladies, do not serve 6 people with different water glasses in one tray, brown, floral, short, long no... let’s have uniformity. Have simple clear plain water glasses at least 24 then if you like fancy stuff like Luminarc and Crystal ranges you can do 2 sets of 6 each. Know that there are water glasses, cocktails, juice, whisky, etc glasses.

13. Cooking spoons, have your mugoti, musika , metal, wooden, and nylon cooking spoons. Don’t use metal spoons in non-stick, stone, and cast iron cookware. You scrape off the coating.

14. Bin. Every kitchen must have a good bin.

15. Hand washing dish, jug. Vanhu havagezeswi maoko nechigubhu chemazowe please.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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