Anna Chibaby: I Love Myself With Those Pimples

This is my story

By Anna Honde

I started developing pimples 15 years ago wow at first l was so happy kuti ndopuberty yacho ka iyi yatirikudzidziswa kuchikoro(primary) kkkkk.

Form three and form 4 was the worst year of my life ahhhhh ndaizora ponds yangu zvakanaka and l hardly used to look at the mirror coz yohhhh l had angry pimples on my face, chaibhowa ndechekuti when l got to shchool mapundu acho aita white zvaitosemese and good classmates would help me wipe off kana aputika ega.

During break time and lunch time l would stay on my corner coz my pimples were bad to the extent yekuti if my classmates look at my face they luze appetite..l never used to have friends l had a friend Miltracy who had her issues also kkkkkkk she started off making jokes about my pimples but later we became best friends. Shchool was borring pese paisauya kuchikoro coz l would be lonely.
Anna Chibaby: I Love Myself With Those Pimples
Anna Chibaby: I Love Myself With Those Pimples

I wanted so badly to fit in eish l would go back home and try some remedies it never worked. Cinamon, hupfu, apple cider, gentle magic, epiden, sugar, morning urine, period blood yohhhhh you name it l tried a lot it never worked.

I stopped using my towel pakugeza coz zvainzi inochengeta magerms yohh l also reached malevels ekukwesha kumeso nedombo kuti mapundu apere ipapo ipapo but haapere.

People would say anopera kukura kkkkkkk am still growing

For years l hated how l looked l juss wanted to have a flawless skin and that means kunaka.kkk its easy for people to start conversations with me ka kkkkk vanongoti ko mapundu chiiii? Why don't you try abcd, kkkkkkkkk then we carry on.

Come on its been 15years with these pimples so l no longer hate my face.l now look at the mirror 6 to 20 times a day. Wow l love myself more and l just pray and hope one day you will love the way l look with or without my pimples. I have come a long way with this look and l have done alot to get rid but zvirikuramba.l wont rest till l have flawless skin until then l will be loving zvandiri.

Love you family.

Bishop's Word. Thank you Anna for sharing this. I pray that we all learn to accept ourselves and love ourselves because we are made in the image of God. Pimples do not add value nor diminish your ultimate value in Christ.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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