18+: If You Try Any Other Style, You Will Go To Hell?

18+: If You Try Any Other Style, You Will Go To Hell?

NO SINGLE SEX STYLE is mentioned in the Bible. God didn't tell Eve, "Now, lie down!" And Adam, "Come on top! If you try any other s*x style, I will throw you both into the lake of fire!!!"

He only said "Be fruitful and multiply..."(Genesis 1: 27-28) He didn't even tell Adam and Eve to have se*! Se* is an instinct!

Adam just knew where to put what and Eve knew how to position herself to receive what!
18+: If You Try Any Other Style, You Will Go To Hell?
18+: If You Try Any Other Style, You Will Go To Hell?

Whether she stood up or bend down or lay down was not mentioned in the Bible. Over religious people like to torment people's conscience and add what is not in the Bible.

Do whatever makes you comfortable and your spouse agrees with. You have the Holy Spirit in you. If it is not holy, God will tap you and let you know you are off course!

Don't let anyone destroy your se*ual bliss in marriage!

What God is against is homosexuality, anal entry, adultery, fornication, beastiality, porn... (1 Corinthians 6:9 AMPC).

So, if you prefer spicing things up while sitting down, bathing, or being heavily pregnant and you need something comfy for you and your hubby, feel free to enjoy God's blessing.

I am not talking about Anal sex here. Don't bring up what I didn't talk about. Thank you.

Let us stand up against cheating and extra-marital intimacy. Discuss with your spouse and explore your needs in the bedroom and maintain the fear of God in a holy marriage!

May your marital sex life never get bored!


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Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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