Dear Lady...

Dear Lady...

While you pray for a Rich Husband, don't forget to pray to be a Rich Wife.

While you invest so much trying to build your Man, invest just as much to build yourself.

Invest Prayers on yourself too
Dear Lady...
Dear Lady...

Chase opportunities too.

The things you're doing to see your Man succeed, do them to see yourself succeed too.

"The Man I will marry must own a Car", my dear, you too can own a Car.

"The Man I will marry must own a house", Aunty, you too can own a house.

Don't limit yourself in terms of wealth creation and goal-getting just because you're a Lady.

Hold yourself to the standards you hold suitors to. It'll change your life greatly.

Don't join the "after all I did for him to make him a great and successful man when he was nothing, he dumped me."

Make yourself too.

Don't labor to push your Man to the top and then neglect yourself. Or does your destiny forbid the top?

Help him, also Help yourself. This is wisdom. You become a better help to your Man when you're a successful woman.

(c) Musa Gift.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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