China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Cleaning And Cooking Hacks

China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Cleaning And Cooking Hacks

Nyaya dzekucleaner dzimba l do it everyday and l realise it makes life so much easier. What l mean is tikadya straight away kusuka. Laundry straight away folding clothes or hang to dry. Without a doubt every morning make my kids bed, my bed ndichango vhura ziso kumuka nekucleaner mukitchen and bathrooms. People tend to leave things to accumulate then when you want to tidy up it takes you ages enge zvinobhohwa zvawanda manje.

Mapoto kana asviba pasi e silver or gold aya kana asisachene nekupenya tora Tomato or buy product like tomato sauce, puree etc orinama pakasviba pacho ponyatsoita red osiya zvowomera preferably over night kuseni kwakubvisa you will be amazed. Add soda and salt yemagodo to your washing powder mu washing machine ur clothes will be clean and your filters anenge akachena also add vinegar in place of fabric softener.Mix washing powder and dishwasher course salt and use in the washing machine it cleans the filter also use vinegar instead of stay soft on your clothes they will become soft stay soft causes built up of fat and dirty that clogges the drain pipe and filter

Clean the filter regularly by running a full cycle using baking soda course salt

Tora tomato sauce it works wonders on shower heads and taps too. Just wrap in plastic. You can mix 2kg washing powder with 1kg salt and 500g soda, think and voila you have longest last washing powder too.

Coca cola plus soda ukaisa muchamber overnyt chi stubborn brown colour chi nobva bt u wldv to drain the water prior

When putting screws on anything to avoid rust just rub vaseline before you put the screws
China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Cleaning And Cooking Hacks
China Chemadzimai NaAunty Rhoda: Cleaning And Cooking Hacks

Mom hack for nose bleeds works especially for kids

To control nose bleeds just take a good size piece of tissue and twist it so it is enough to fit into the nostril. Add a coat of vaseline enough to cover the top half of the tissue and insert into the nostril that is bleeding.

P.s don't cover both nostrils the child with not breathe and can shock on the blood

Bleeding with stop within 2 mins and it's very easy to teach the child to do self-care with this method.

Mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle..use it to clean glass top

If sink is not draining well put a cup of soda followed by a cup of white vinegar then boiling water

Soda and vinegar paste to clean oven

Kana watenga mutton cloth to use to wipe surfaces, first soak it mujik and water for about an hour yobva that cream color tosara riri white, it's better than kushandisa chakaita khaki color yayo choita sechinetsvina... And also chonakidxa bcz ukawacha chinonatsochena kana chava white

For that greasy oven glass just mix baking powder with vinegar and a bit of water to make a paste. Then you spread it on the glass and leave it for 30mins then you wipe with a wet cloth with warm water. All the grease will be wiped off. If its too dirty just make a lot more paste. You need a whole 500g packet

To clean iron let it heat a bit and rub with panado tablet

Avocado kuti risaite brown you boil water woriisa muboiled water rakaibva rine makanda aro for as long as you want it wont turn brown.Also kuti mazino aite white use bicarbonate of soda when brushing

Boil guava leaves mvura yacho woisa mu spray bottle,,, then spray your hair aridambuki

Kukanda ma egg shell mugarden haufe wakaona hozhwa futi.So pese pamunopwanya Zai kandai maKoko acho muGarden.

If you have acne on your back or chest. Add dettol to your shower gel and use that to bath. Or dilute dettol with water in a spray bottle and apply after you bath. Don't rinse off.

Cucumber slices pamwena wema Ants hauoni futi.

Put stay soft or any fabric softener in a spray bottle and just twice a week or whenever spray your curtains and linen and towels, leaves everything smelling clean and fresh.

Use yoghurt or sour cream in your baking it makes your baked goods fluffy and light/moist.

Instead of throwing away your used lemon throw them in the kettle and boil. It's a way of cleaning the kettle.

To remove mattress stains. 1 cup 3%Hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Mix until powder dissolves. Put in a spray bottle, spray it on the stain and let it sit for at least an hour. To remove urine smell, cover stain with baking soda and hoover/ vacuum 8-10 hours later.


*Always keep cut and and unused onions in a lunch box in the refrigerator. Not paVegetable rack please.

* Keep folded sheets in one of the pillowcases. You save space, you don't misplace the other pillowcase kkk and it's easy to pull out.

* Once a week clean all toothbrushes in hot water and vinegar

* Sprinkle baby or powder(i use the Arthur Ford one) in your sheets when you make your bed, for a fresh scent everyday.

* When cooking sugarbeans use used oil or fat from beef. Dzinonaka shame

* Mix activated charcoal with toothpaste, for cleaner tooth and fresh mouth

* Instead of using too much soup powders or if you simply don't like it. Grate a potato into your soup, gravy, or stews. It will thicken nicely. Size depends on amount in your pot. On the same note when you are making pasta, add the water in your pasta that you were going to drain away to your soup

Chicken liver, boil woisa tu cooking oil , put viniger &garlic then fry. Usamaise soup, they really taste good.

*Kuti veggie rinake usariti bvo rese ka1 mu cooking oil. Tora mashoma woisa wopindura, woisa amwe uchipundura. Uchingodaro... then kana uchida wozoisa ma shallots iweeeeee

*Slice a lemon and put to boil in your electric jug. It becomes spotless inside.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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