5 Reasons Why Revenge Cheating Is Not A Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Revenge Cheating Is Not A Good Idea

By Bukky

Have your partner or spouse cheated on you and you are planning to do the same to seek revenge?

Though this idea may seem to be very satisfying and appropriate inside your mind, the reality might not be so.

Finding out about infidelity can make a person do things they have never done before.

These include indulging in violence, using harsh words, and even complete abandonment of the other person.

Despite all this, cheating on your partner, in turn, is still not a good thing to do. Here are some reasons why revenge cheating is not a good idea.

1. You might think differently when things cool off

Revenge cheating seems acceptable when you feel shattered and betrayed. However, acting out of anger doesn’t make you the best decision-maker. When things cool down and you start looking at things objectively, you might take your actions back. Thus, give yourself some time before acting on any rash thought.
5 Reasons Why Revenge Cheating Is Not A Good Idea
5 Reasons Why Revenge Cheating Is Not A Good Idea

2. ​They can use it to justify their behavior

Your revenge cheating can be used as an argument to prove that what they did is nothing huge since you also did the same. They might even ask for forgiveness because things are now even. Revenge adultery helps the person who betrayed you to feel less guilty for their actions and ask for more understanding.

3. You might resent yourself for it

You won’t feel good knowing that you did the exact same thing that hurt you immensely in the first place. Cheating won’t lessen your hurt. It will only pile on more anger and bitterness that you have to deal with.

4. ​Hurting them won’t reduce your hurt

Revenge of any kind rarely brings peace. Revenge cheating will most likely, only for a short while, help you feel less pain, but it will pile on another thing to get over in the long run. Revenge cheating won’t be of any help in dealing with the feelings or making a plan for overcoming the situation.

5. ​It reduces the chances of reconciliation

Getting revenge on a cheater deteriorates the chances of a marriage surviving the infidelities. If you think there is a way you could make it work, restrict yourself from revenge cheating. To give reconciliation a chance, you need to address the root cause of problems.

At the end of it all, cheating is cheating, and no matter who did it and for what reason, God will judge se*ual sin. Let us fear God and stay faithful to his ways.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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