Your Husband Is Hungry


Too many men are going about with hunger these days and fall flat before the woman who feeds them. Almost every man I meet are grossly starved of praise and are dying of criticism, abuse, condemnation and low self-esteem instead of being admired, praised, celebrated, pursued and desired!

Some of the deepest emotional needs of men are the need to be admired, celebrated, pursued, adored, praised and feel needed.

There was a time in my married life, men were chasing me up and down and wondered why?
Your Husband Is Hungry
Your Husband Is Hungry

While single, I had some challenges with some guys who wanted more than friendship while I was already engaged and I kept wondering what the guys were looking for.

My husband eventually called my attention to how I praise, celebrate, honour, admire men, let them feel great and important around me hence the pursuit. I don't do that again. I limit my admiration and praise to my husband so I won't be innocently attracting unwanted attention from men.

Please, understand that your husband craves your admiration and praise more than you imagine. He needs them, he literally craves them but won't tell you.

Men rarely verbalize their needs. They think it is unmanly to do so and will only talk when they want sex, wrong! Talk sir! If you don't, she won't know how to meet your needs and you need her admiration badly, you need to know how important you are to her. Great couples share their expectations in marriage.

Admire your husband sister! When last did you tell him he looks great? Men love to know they still look young and attractive to their wives. Sometimes, he gets concerned about receding hairline, pot belly and grey hair. Reassure him you still find him hot and attractive too.

Admire the fact that he works hard to take care of you and the children. Not every husband out there is responsible.

Admire him for his generosity!

Admire him for assisting you with chores or any other areas he makes life easy for you.

Admire your husband. Praise your husband. Honour your husband. Adore your husband. Appreciate your husband.

I love to see my husband smile or grin when I praise him. That satisfactory look is worth more than a million dollars to me.

Nothing makes me happy like making my man happy.

It attracts God's favour and blessings on your marriage when you are both happy and at peace with each other.

May your marriage be blessed!

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2019; reposted, 2021

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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