Bvoorero, Breakthrough OR Keys?


Many intercessors especially in Pentecostal churches die poor. It's so sad. The problem is ignorance, lack of knowledge.

Demons are overpowered by fasting. To cast out demons of sickness you fast food, to cast out demons of poverty you fast 10% of your income(tithe).
Bvoorero, Breakthrough OR Keys?
Bvoorero, Breakthrough OR Keys?

You may pray or be prayed for till you have a bold head but if you do not couple prayer with tithing, giving, working you will die poor. Intercession is the act of standing in the gap to stop the destruction of another, tithing is a KEY to open the Heavens and "pour out a blessing." Intercessors who pray for breakthrough(bvoorero)without keys are like people who breakthrough to get into their houses leaving a trail of destruction to the wall. How will you secure the house after the breakthrough? Ko if police see you breaking through what will happen? Why not just use the key and keep your house safe??? Keys are easy. Jesus in Matthew 16 gave us keys, not hammers.

I prefer keys to breakthrough, what about you?

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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