3 Decision To Make Your Marriage Blissful

3 Decision To Make Your Marriage Blissful

1) Decide never to argue/fight/attack each other in public.

There's nothing as embarrassing as seeing a (Christian) couple going at each other's necks in public.

A Partner you attack in public will feel insulted, embarrassed, and let down, and may return the favor to defend their ego.

Agree in public, "disagree" in private.
3 Decision To Make Your Marriage Blissful

2) Decide never to raise our voices when having a disagreement.

You can actually agree to disagree as a couple and the neighbors and even your children who live in the same home with you won't have an idea.

There's nothing as difficult and traumatic for kids like the picture of Mummy and Daddy shouting at each other.

Even your neighbors are tired and ashamed of you and your partner. Every time it's your voices they're hearing. Is your house the National House of Assembly?

Want to disagree and debate over an Issue? You can do so, but do so quietly. It's more mature.

3) Decide never to go to bed without reconciling whenever you're are angry at each other or have a disagreement.

Even the Bible says you should not allow the sunset on your anger.

Issues not resolved become more difficult to resolve the longer you leave them unresolved.

Agree with your Partner, Decide that your Marriage will be different and an example to others.

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Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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