The Husband Who Stopped Going To Church!


He came home slightly drunk.

His tipsy-self bumped into his wife who was preparing the children for the Church service.

"Dad, are you coming with us to Church?" the daughter asked as his wife straightened up her dress.

"No no no my daughter. You all go with mommy. Daddy will go to bed and sleep" he said.

"But dad, you keep coming home late every Sunday morning and sleep. I miss those days when you would take me to Sunday School. You didn't even show up for my baptism last month" said the daughter.

"Daddy is tired. Please be a good girl and go to Church" he told his daughter, patting her head and walking to the bedroom.

"Mom, I am also not going to Church. Church is for girls and women" said his son.

"Boy, you better put on your shoes and go to Church with your mother! That is an order!" he shouted at his son.

"But dad. Why are you not going? You tell me to follow your footsteps. If you don't go to Church then Church is not that important" said his son.
The Husband Who Stopped Going To Church!
The Husband Who Stopped Going To Church!

"Go! I am your father and I have told you to GO. TO. CHURCH!" he shouted, almost beating up his son.

His wife pulled him to the side and led him to the bedroom. She closed the door behind them.

"That boy needs to learn some manners. What do they teach these children in teens class?" he said angrily.

"My love, do you know why you are so angry? It is because you are scared our son might turn out to be like you. You know you are not a good example. You don't like the man you have become and instead of confronting yourself, you are attacking an innocent boy who is questioning what you do and don't do" his wife told him, looking him in the eyes as she rubbed his shoulders.

"Now you, who said I don't like the man that I have become? Are you my God?" he told his wife off.

"How is your relationship with God?" his wife asked him.

"Perfect!" he defensively said.

"Are you honest with yourself or living in denial? Do you pray? Do you lead our children in the ways of God? Remember how when we were courting we prayed to have a Godly family? You used to worship, encourage me in the Lord. If God looks at you, do you think He will be pleased? Why don't you go to Church services with us? I miss that spiritual man you used to be? What happened? Were you pretending to be Godly so that I marry you?" his wife asked.

"I am serious with God and I don't need to prove it to anyone. My relationship with God is personal" he got more defensive.

"When you are serious with God and have a strong relationship with God, you become light. Light cannot be hidden, your light should be visible especially to our children and I. Your light has dimmed my love" his wife said.

"I don't go to Church because pastors these days are fake. When we were at our lowest, the Church was never there for us, in fact, they mocked us and gossiped about us. I love God but Church is a waste of time. Look at me, I made it without their help and despite their rumours" said he.

"I do remember our lowest moment. My love, you did not make it alone. You made it because of God. Please don't let success fill you with pride or past bitterness fill you with indifference. You have to know the difference between God and God's people who are capable of letting us down, even pastors. If it is all that bad, why do you allow me and the children to go? It's because you know very well there is some good in Church services. Not all pastors are bad and you want our children to have a Godly foundation" his wife said.

"Church is good for the children. They need to go to Church" he told her, removing his wrist watch.

"My love, allow me to correct you. We don't go to Church, we are the Church wherever we are. We go to Church services but we can have Church even here at home. Church is not that physical building. If you were serious about God, you will lead the Church here at home. You would be praying, worshipping and preaching with us here at home but you do none of that, all you make are excuses. You are just not serious about faith and it is affecting our children. Anyway, the kids and I are getting late" his wife said as she walked to the door.

He pulled her to himself and told her "You are right, I need to start being serious with God and I will start today. Please stay with the kids at home, let's have Church as a family"

"Are you serious? Or you are just saying that because you are high?" his wife asked.

"I am not that high. But I am intoxicated with the Holy Spirit. I want to show my light starting from home. Call them please" he requested.

That day, they praised and worshiped as a family. Their son hit the table like a drum as they all sang, their daughter gave a testimony, his wife prayed, he preached about rekindling the first love.

Since that day, they have gathered more than twice each week to fellowship as a family, he is more present at home, every month as a family they do a charity activity where they visit the less fortunate to bless them.

Do you fellowship as a family? Church begins at home!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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