Marriage Is Not A Competition!


1. Stop competing with your spouse who earns more and who contributes the most money. You two are one with an equal stake in the marriage. Both of you should give as you can. Belittling your spouse who earns less than you doesn't motivate him or her to love you and walk with you better

2. Stop wanting to win every argument with your spouse. Too many marriages suffer because the husband and wife want to prove who is more right. Sometimes you have to let arguments go and focus on what is most important: love. It doesn't matter who is right, what matters is that you both feel loved

3. Stop competing who is more educated than the other. Just because you have a Degree, Masters or Ph.D. doesn't mean you look down on your spouse who hasn't gone to a formal school to your level. Education is not just about going to University, appreciate your spouse's intellectual might regardless of how many certificates your spouse has. Intimacy doesn't require good grades and awards

4. Stop competing with your spouse who is more loved by the children between you two. Children love mom and dad just the same
Marriage Is Not A Competition!
Marriage Is Not A Competition!

5. Stop competing who has done fewer wrongs than the other. Love doesn't keep a record of wrongs. Love covers a multitude of sins

6. Stop competing who is more spiritual than the other. Grow together in prayer and fellowship, build each other up. Knowing God is not a race

7. Stop competing along gender lines, belittling your wife because she is a woman, wishing your husband ill, and failure because he is a man just so that you show him what a man can do, a woman can do too. Complement each other, don't fight each other

8. Stop competing for who does the most good in your marriage. Stop keeping scores of your good deeds against the good deeds of your spouse. You are not doing your spouse a favor by loving him/her

9. Stop competing who is more romantic or sexier between you two. You both have different ways of expressing your desires. Find a rhythm out of your unique expressions instead of forcing your spouse to be like you. Find your dance

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