How To Know Your Partner Before Committing To Marriage


1. BE FRIENDS: Don't let anybody rush you with a marriage proposal, else, you will rush in and rush out. Even if the person wants your response quick, activate the "pause" button. Tell him to calm down and be firm. If he is somebody with a hidden agenda, time will expose him. That's right, time will expose him. Time has a way of showing the evil side of people. This is what your insistence on friendship will help you accomplish.

So, insist on friendship first and be firm about it.

2. ASK QUESTIONS AND BE VERY OBSERVANT OF ANSWERS: When you are in a friendship or relationship, be observant. When you go out together, don't eat chicken, pizza, shawarma and food and forget the most important things of knowing the person.

Ask questions and watch out for how he or she responds to your questions. If he or she is evasive, then you need to slow down. evasiveness is a sign that he or she is hiding something. People who don't have skeletons in their cupboards have nothing to hide. They are open and answer questions freely.

Avoid evasive people.

3. WATCH OUT FOR DEMEANOURS (BODY LANGUAGE): when witnesses are examined in Court, Judges don't just take note, they watch the demeanours of witnesses to know if they are witnesses of truth or they have been procured to mislead the court with lies.
How To Know Your Partner Before Committing To Marriage
How To Know Your Partner Before Committing To Marriage

A witness who is asked questions but always looking at his lawyer to whisper words to him before he answers the questions show that he is not a witness of truth. His testimony is suspect.

In the same way, when you are in a relationship, watch the demeanours of your partner. It would help you to know if they are sincere, truthful or trustworthy. This is very key.

4. PUT GOD IN THE EQUATION: when you have done all you need to do, ask God for His help. There are certain flaws, weaknesses or shortcomings you may not be able to observe with your physical eyes. However, God can reveal hidden things that your eyes may be unable to pick. This will save you from ending up with a beast as a woman or man.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but marriage to the wrong person can affect your mental health in a negative way and even negatively affect your life too.

Many people are wondering the kind of spouse they are married to today. In their words, "they were not like this when we were courting". I hear of men abandoning their responsibility to cater for the home. I have two cases now of men giving their wives N500 for food. N500 to take care of a woman with a baby of less than one year? Another will leave his wife with two children for a week with as little as 2k.

Please, don't come here to tell me that they don't have because the ones I am talking about here have but just simply irresponsible.

We also have women who have abandoned their children and husband to run away with another man leaving the man and the children broken.

Marriage is serious business. It is expected that those who go into it should carry that mentality too and treat it as such. Don't be casual during your relationship and courtship days. Be serious because marriage can affect your entire life if you miss it.

May God guide you always in Jesus name, amen.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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