10 Ways To Lose Your Virginity Cheaply!


It's a pity that many who lost their virginity never intended to loose it. The vision of many is to remain Virgin Till Marriage but only few make it to the wedding night.

1. Sleeping Overnight in your Fiance house.

Many who lost their virginity to their fiance or fiancee never thought they would. Many of them were born again but they didn't flee appearances of evil.

If you sleep overnight in your partner's house, either now or later, you may likely loose your virginity.

Many Counselee who lost their virginity told me it was when he or she visits their partner alone in the room.

2. Making Opposite Sex Your Bestie.

A Bestie( closest friend) is someone you chat, call or visit almost every day despite you are not in a relationship.

Many who does this eventually don't know when friendship turned to lust and lust turned romance, then romance turns to sex.

3. Staying in the Dark with Opposite sex.

Nobody have sex in the public space. Sexual immorality succeed in the dark place, room or in the night.

It's not a surprise that many loose their virginity in the corner of house, classroom, church or uncompleted building.

4. Romance.

Romance, which is massaging opposite sex sexual organ to attain sexual satisfaction has made many loose their virginity.

It's not only a kiss, it won't stop in kissing, he will massage your breasts and you will eventually massage his penis. You won't stop at massaging, but penetration will happen.

When you allow a lady or guy to examine all your local government, then you may eventually get into the local government and play full or half match there.

I've heard of guys who says to ladies"I will only put the tip of the penis but I won't penetrate". That's how some ladies got deflowered.

4. Pornography and Masturbation.

Many ladies told me they lost their virginity while Masturbating. You may ask me how? If penis could deflower a lady, finger 🖕 can do better as well when used during masturbation. It won't end in pornography alone, but it will proceed to masturbation, then to fingering yourself until you break your hymen.

For guys, it won't end in pornography or masturbation alone until you make yourself release.
10 Ways To Lose Your Virginity Cheaply!
10 Ways To Lose Your Virginity Cheaply!

5. Going for deliverance alone.

Any deliverance that involves you to go to a Pastor or Prophet house or office alone may eventually lead you to loose your virginity.

I've counseled many ladies who told me they were raped by a false prophet during deliverance.

Go with your family members if you are going for any deliverance. If the person insist it must only be you alone, don't agree because you don't need such deliverance.

6. Incessant Collection of Money or Gifts from Opposite sex.

If you are a lady or guy who thinks people are foolish or stupid when you collect gifts from them and refuse to go into a relationship with him or her, then you may eventually loose your virginity. I've counseled ladies who got drugged by potential suitor and raped her. That was how she lost her virginity. Even though there's no justification for rape. A lady even told me one of his friends planned with other friends, put something inside her drink, she slept off only to wake up and meet herself in the pool of sperms and blood.

If you know that you won't marry him or her, then don't collect outrageous gifts except it's voluntary and agreed upon.

7. Staying in a Room with Opposite Sex.

Even though it's not a sin to be in a room with an opposite sex but It's an appearances of evil for you to be in a room with opposite sex when the window or door is closed.

Many have done this without loosing their virginity while many did this and lost their virginity.

8. Looking for free ride.

I have seen some ladies who stay beside the road looking for free ride to their destination. It's a pity that some of these ladies eventually find themselves in the car of sexual perverts who took their virginity by force.

9. Walking late in the night.

A lady specifically told me that she was ganged raped by boys who attacked her when she was coming back from choir practice in the night.

As a lady, you need to stop walking aimlessly alone in the night, be it on campus or at home. You need to responsible for your safety. Walk in the company of friends. Walk during the day and in safe places.

10. Sleeping on the same bed with adult Opposite sex.

A lady told me she was deflowered by her cousin. This teenage boy came for holiday in their house, and her parents put them in the same room. This was how he deflowered her and abuse her sexually several times throughout his stay in their house.

We are sexual being, it's unhealthy for two opposite sex adults to sleep in the same bed or room when they are not husband and wife.

Don't believe the lie that there are no more Virgins again, we still have millions of virgins keeping themselves until their wedding day.

Remember this, when Elijah told God he's the only one standing in Israel but God told him that He has 7000 reserved men still standing for Him.

© Sexual Puritan Oluwaniyi Aderopo Hezekiah

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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