Three Silent Marriage Killers, You Should Never Underrate

Three Silent Marriage Killers, You Should Never Underrate

Marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman. It is far different from a mere romantic relationship. Although, the relationship is very important, because, most times, it serves as an avenue for intending couples to study, understand and know themselves more before marriage.

During a relationship, it is expected that the lovers should master each other and know what to do to make each other happy and what to avoid as well. A proper relationship will prepare the lovers for what is ahead of them when they are finally married. A relationship well practiced will reduce the level of marriage killers the couple will encounter in their marriage.

What are these so-called marriage killers? You would ask. Marriage killers, according to me are those factors that can lead to divorce or break up in marriage. They are those factors that can bring about displeasure and loss of interest in marriage. In this article, you will find 3 of those marriage killers and how you can avoid or get rid of them.

1. Dependency on family and friends for solutions to minor marital issues.

Do you know why some men usually ask their wives to disconnect from some of their old friends when they are married? I guess you don't know why. The reason is that those men understand that some friends are killers of marriage.

Legally married couples are seen as very mature men and women who are old enough to take responsibility for their actions, handle minor marital issues created by them and other factors, give trustworthy advice to singles, and raise their children in love and wisdom.
Three Silent Marriage Killers, You Should Never Underrate
Three Silent Marriage Killers, You Should Never Underrate

It is not expected of couples to depend on their families and friends for solutions to minor issues.

For instance, when a wife feels offended by her husband, she might run to her family and friends who will reason sentimentally because they want to impress her. They may not tell her the truth because it may hurt her.

Instead of suggesting a good and unsentimental way to tackle the issue for the benefit of the couple, the wife's family or friends may rather poison her mind with some unjustifiable statements which will in turn crash the marriage.

The husband may also visit his own family and friends for the same reason. Before they know what they have done to themselves, it is already too late.

Husband and wife need to trust, love, support, encourage, and believe in themselves. Try and solve your marital issues by yourself without involving anyone.

If you invite outsiders to solve your marital issues, it shows a sign of immaturity in both of you.

2. Abuse of familiarity.

Of course, husband and wife should know each other very well. They should be free with each other. But that does not mean that their familiarity should be abused.

Over familiarity is a serious and dangerous marriage killer. When a woman is too familiar with her husband, she tend to lose her respect for him. Loss of respect can kill a marriage faster than you may think.

No matter how much you and your wife love each other, there should be some restrictions. There must be respect if you don't want the marriage to die.

3. Phone and social media.

If you are very observant, you will notice that marriage doesn't last the way it used to last before now. What could be the reason? You would ask. Technology is a contribution to it. Understand me, I am not saying that technology is bad, I am saying that some people allow the fun that comes with it to influence them.

A marriage where couples finds more pleasure in chatting with their friends on social media than engaging in some pleasurable romance with each other usually doesn't last long.

Some women can even take their phones to the kitchen. They will chat with their friends while they also cook at the same time. At the end, it is either that the food is burnt or that the taste is terrible. This can end a marriage.

These silent marriage killers should never be underrated. They are silent killers of marriage in the sense that the couple involved are usually oblivious of their actions until it becomes too late.

If you can avoid the above marriage killers, you will enjoy your marriage.

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