Single Ladies, Inzwai Nhasi!


I don't know the lady that needs to hear this

Marriage is NOT A VISION.
Single Ladies, Inzwai Nhasi!
Single Ladies, Inzwai Nhasi!

Marriage was invented to HELP A VISION

Marriage was invented by God for A REASON

Marriage isn't THE REASON

Many single ladies sit in pews in churches, not a bit concerned about the reason God created them,

not bothered about God and why they are here, not bothered about how they can use their gifts and abilities to bless humanity

Only bothered about getting married and having children..

Few ladies actually have dreams of their own apart from getting a Man, becoming a full time house wife and having children.

Getting Married? that wouldn't make the world a better place

Getting Married? that wouldn't win souls to God's kingdom,

Marriage isn't anointing

Marriage isn't impact,
Single Ladies, Inzwai Nhasi!
Single Ladies, Inzwai Nhasi!

Dear Single Lady,

While you wait for Marriage

Draw close to God,

Draw close to your books

Draw close to your Job

Draw close to your career

Draw close to your passions, gifts and talents

DEVELOP yourself to your maximum capacity


EXPLOIT the opportunities around you to be great and successful, spiritually, financially, and otherwise.

Find a Man that will understand and honor your dreams and calling, encourage and grow you as an asset to the kingdom and humanity, and not one Who will kill them with "submit to your husband" line.

Don't make the fact that you are a SINGLE WOMAN and you look forward to becoming a MARRIED WOMAN become such a priority that you become blinded to the greatness that is in you as a HUMAN.


Dear Single Lady

Women can be great too.

Women are great.


Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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