Sekuru Mbambamba: Dear Husband... If You Want...


1.If you want your wife to make love to you often, be romantic. No matter how good you think you are in bed make sure your wife gets satisfied the way you get satisfied. Have a good foreplay, dont just jump on her, she needs to be well prepared.Unfortunately many men dont have an idea that women get satisfied too.

2. If you want your wife to be submissive, love her. Assure her that she is not competing with anyone. Nothing kills a woman like the thought that she is competing with someone else for your attention.

3.If you want your wife to be your best friend, be a friend and create that friendly environment. Dont leave early and come back late. In your busy schedule create time for her, take her out, just the two of you that's how friendship is created. Watch movies together, play cards and draft in the house together.
Sekuru Mbambamba: Dear Husband... If You Want...
Sekuru Mbambamba: Dear Husband... If You Want...

3. Women like to be appreciated, appreciate her for Making the house, for taking care of the kids, for always preparing meals for you. Stop eating in hotels with friends, love her food, tell her how sweet the food is, that way it makes her feel appreciated.

4. Stop complimenting other women in front of her, but instead make her the woman you want her to become. Slowly correct her with love, dress her the way you want and stop admiring those have already been dressed by their men,teach her to be what you want her to become with love remember you married a material, turn it to a wife material.

5.Be a provider, the bible is very clear about provision and the day a woman (eve) provided was the day they were chased from the garden of eden. Women are always proud of men who provide. It makes them feel special and it makes you look responsible. Give your wife money no matter how little it is,provide for your children and ensure their well being is well taken care of. It is the role of a man to provide

6.learn to say sorry whenever you are wrong. Women get so hurt whenever you hurt them and it destroys them emotionally. They may smile at you, cook for you but it will take time to arouse them sexually.

7. Be a protector, protect your wife from external wars, be it family, be it friends let everyone know that they can't come between you and your wife. Let you family members know that their rightful place is below your wife.

8.Touch her always, not when you want sex, but as a sign of just appreciating her. Kiss her forehead as you tell her goodbye or when she welcomes you home. Have a habit of hugging her. Sometimes let her fall asleep in your arms it's the only place she feels safe.

9. If you want your wife to do more sweet, romantic and special things, stop repeating the mistakes you have already talked about. Stop being the same, change and be the man she dated way back.

10. Just the way you dated your wife before you married her, date her everyday. Your wife is like a business, when you invest in it you get good returns.

11. Always take a shower, change your inner wears, brush your teeth before kissing or making love to your wife.

12. Call your wife sweet names like baibe, honey ,sweetie, mummy etc. Stop calling her mama so and so or even calling her by her name.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

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