Maids: Read This


When you wake up bath and look good preparing to go to work please understand the following if you have a maid.

1. In the same way you go to work she will also be working at your house.

2. You are not doing her a favor in the same way you are not doing your boss a favor.

3. She is human.

4. She makes mistakes.

5. She gets tired.

Maids: Read This
Maids: Read This

6. If you can't be with your children for 20 minutes when you come from work because they are naughty or noisy how do you think the maid spent the day with them.

7. Don't you think when you are back home. She also deserves a break.

8. Even if you are tired the children are yours be a mother to your children.

9. The maid wakes up before you and sleeps after you and will be standing all day but when you come home you act like you are carrying the tiredness of the whole world.

10. You have starting and finishing time at your workplace but won't allow your maid to rest even for 10 minutes you say she is lazy but you forget that at your workplace 2 hours after you start you go for tea break then 2 hours after tea you go for lunch and your job you will be seated on a chair. You don't work on weekends but your maid does, even before lockdown she will be with your kids in the church and you are just a free soul.

Have a heart.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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