Basic Nuggets For Pastors About Tithing!

Basic Nuggets For Pastors About Tithing!

(Original ideas by Archbishop A Gurupira, Prophet and mama B. S Chiza

Every pastor must tithe. Do not just teach about things that you do not live out.

Your name must appear in the receipt book frequently. Be the best giver!
Basic Nuggets For Pastors About Tithing!
Basic Nuggets For Pastors About Tithing!

In terms of percentages in giving, a pastor must be above congregants. The sheep follow the sherpherd so a stingy pastor produces a stingy congregation.

Be faithful to tithe even the little that you get.

When a pastor is faithful in tithing there is an impartation upon his church to tithe. The opposite is true.

A tithing ministry moves in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Never be afraid to teach on tithing and giving.

Other people leave your church because they see you are afraid to speak the truth.

Do not call an outside speaker to talk about money when you never do so yourself, or for him to do it for you!

Rebuke non-tithing coz it introduces poverty into the church.

Be sure all elders and leaders are tithing.

Non-tithers must not lead the church, because the true test of a person's heart being with you is in their treasure...your heart is where your treasure is!

Never allow non-tithers to collect offerings, they impart the spirit of stinginess consciously or unconsciously.

The leaders and the Praise team should be serious givers. The praise team should not just sing for others to give. The leaders should lead by example, following the example of the pastor.

When people give to you do not feel pity for them, this is how they are blessed, pray for them and BLESS them instead and your God will move on their behalf!

Apostle Pride Sibiya

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