Musoro Usina Musoro: Husband Material

Material is any matter that is used to make up something. Usually, women talk of material when looking for cloth to sew dresses, suits, or even home or office curtains. 

In our radio programs with Mai Judah, this week, we started a 2-part series on "Husband Material!" Many times we hear men commenting on women, "she is wife material!" or the opposite. Let us check what husband material is like in this article.

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

In the first session, my emphasis is on a few things that men must be taught and know from an early age. Since most of us never had the privilege of being fathered even at an early stage, this teaching is also good for older can teach old dogs new tricks, after all! Here are 7 points we shared:
Musoro Usina Musoro: Husband Material
Musoro Usina Musoro: Husband Material

1. Fear God. It seems that most men think that fearing God is a feminine activity not theirs. Men must know that even without a business company, studio or school there are natural leaders. This is because the whole family around you is, constantly, taking, figurative, notes as you live out your life. You are the head of the family manje musoro ukashaya musoro pakaipa...the Bible is clear that Christ is the head of the man! Ashaya Kristu ashaya musoro. As the father, you are to train your family in the proper way or else the train coaches will follow the head off-track!

2. Respect women. After initiation into manhood, a young man, quips, "you do not talk to me like that, woman," to his mother, in an African film. This depicts the androcentric mindset most men have, as informed by some African cultural traits. Most women are only regarded highly in ancient culture if they are spirit mediums. The arrival of a boy child is celebrated with great pomp and fanfare that that of the girl-child. Men should learn to change their mindset and follow the fact that in Genesis 1, God created men in His own, image: In His image, created he them MALE AND FEMALE! We are created as equal partners with our female counterparts: our mothers, aunties, sisters, the ladies in the streets, in the community and everywhere.

3. Compromise. According to Jesus Christ, we ought to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Yes, start with you! However, after you, learn to be accommodative and considerate of others. Sacrificing for others is a great virtue. Considering other people's emotions, respecting their wishes and looking out for others especially your spouse is greatly treasured. Usangofunge kuzvifadza wega, fungawo umwe wako, pazvose!

4. Be open and sensitive to things that affect you either positively or negatively. Most men die early because they lock in their emotions. It is only when their football team score does you see some men's real happiness. Conversely, while every other person lays down their pain at funerals by crying, they do not cry. Ultimately such frustrations are vented on their spouses. Guys, even the heroes do cry, kana Jesu wani parufu rwaRazaro akachema...on the cross, he cried, "eloi eloi lamasabacthani!"
Growing up a very soft boy, I was considered lady-ish! Oh no, that is sad guys. Being rough, cruel or violent is not a sign of manhood or masculinity. Hurume hurume, hutsinye hutsinye! There is no link between the two. Some men are taught to beat their spouses so that the ladies know that, who is the man in the house! Isn't that sad?

5. Listen.
While men use lesser words than women in speech, their words are more emphatic and bear greater push and shove. Lord, help me and my men-folk to be able to listen! Listen to the long winding questions our spouses ask! The long explanations about this and that! Remember Eve was created after everything else and Adam was already created, therefore she still has a lot of catching up to do! Put down that mobile phone, turn off that game, stop what you are doing, and...LISTEN!

6. Do not be a referee. No matter how good you play in a match, the referee will not say a word. He will ignore you as though nothing has happened and will never reward you even with a free kick or penalty for playing wonderful football. A few minutes after you dribbled 4 defenders and did great, you bring down an opponent, and suddenly, the referee pulls out a yellow card. Never be a referee to your spouse, a policeman who never rewards those who do not commit a crime but arrest you the moment you make a mistake. Be an encourager not just a critic of your spouse!Here's Bishop leaving you to discuss these points. Men, what do you say? Eavesdropping ladies, what is your view? Meet you again soon on air!

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen

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