Choto Chemadzimai Lessons: Never Give Him A Chance

DON'T GIVE THE DEVIL A CHANCE Do you know that the devil knows where to touch to weaken your faith. 


By Joanah Mtisi

When the devil wants to destroy your faith he touches where your heart is. People were jealous of Daniel's excellence in doing things to the extent of plotting to destroy him. Do you know that some people are not happy with your progress in life?

The devil uses those people to destroy you so he plants jealousy, envying e.t.c in them. Any time when things like this happen, quarreling in marriages, cheating, financial crisis, barrenness, sickness e.t.c we became very weak, lose focus and even start doubting God. This will make the devil happy because that's his desire to see people losing faith in their God. After seeing no fault on Daniel to use against him, they use what he believed in to destroy him. They said only if we use that, we can win him. The devil knows you love your marriage, he knows you love your family, you love your ministry e.t.c. But Daniel believed in his God. He didn't run to anyone for advice, he didn't contest against the decision, he didn't neglect his God.
Choto Chemadzimai Lessons: Never Give Him A Chance
Choto Chemadzimai Lessons: Never Give Him A Chance

Daniel trusted his God with all his heart, he knew his God will not let him down. He knew very well that in God he is protected, in times of trouble He will show up. So he continued as usual to pray three times a day. They heard him praying to ask his God for help. Yes, our help comes from the Lord.

Why then is it that when we face problems we run to people?

Why is it that when in problems we use our own understanding to solve them?

Why is it that as Christians when in problems we say God has abandoned us?

Why is it that we no longer trust God in times of trouble? Matthew 11:28 says come to me all of you who are heavily loaded and I shall give you rest God shows up to people who fully trust in him, God shows up to people who continuously seek him. He shows up to people who abide in him.

The king asked Daniel saying, "did your God whom you serve continually, rescue you from the lions". DANIEL 6:20.(No wonder why God appeared to Daniel.) The devil knows how to weaken your faith, don't give him a chance. Trust in your God in all situations.

Your husband or wife is not your problem.

Your problem is the devil. Your neighbor is not your problem, the devil is your problem.

Your churchmates did nothing at all, they are just being used by the devil. Don't give him a chance by leaving the church, don't give him a chance by divorcing, Don't give him a chance by doubting God, don't give him a chance by quitting that job. Don't abandon your business. Deal with the devil who is behind your problems and keep believing in God.

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Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen

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