3 Big Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away

3 Big Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away

There are some mistakes that women tend to do that turn off men. A man will be pissed and completely pushed when you do them consistently. For your relationship to last, you have to avoid them whether around or with your partner. Just avoid doing the following, they turn off men completely.
3 Big Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away
3 Big Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away

Being excessively on your phone. This has been the major tool for causing breakups nowadays. A lady will spend too much time on her phone not worrying or minding what the hubby is feeling. Men hate it when you use your phone in his presence. You might be chatting or communicating to other men which will automatically push him away if he finds out. Avoid your phones whenever around him.

Playing hard to get is another completer turn-off. A man will try talking to you for a while but when he learns that you are a hard-to-get individual, he will keep off. When approached by a man, it's important to make him aware of your relationship status. This will help him whether to continue proposing or to respect your boundaries. Hiding your status and playing hard to get will make men go away from you.

Lying and faking about your life and wants. Don't live a fake life to please your man. Be the real you. It will keep him always. Don't apply too much makeup. Don't move in for plastic surgeries and bleaching. Such things push away men. Just be the real you and he'll fall in love with who you are.

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