Worrying About Late Marriage?


True love never fails regardless of when it comes. Getting married at 35 is not a tragedy, the tragedy is getting married at 25 to the wrong person. You would rather wait, and get the right person than rush and end up with the wrong person. Let no one discourage you from taking too long to settle, marriage is a life-changing venture and you cannot afford to waste your entire life due to falling for peer pressure or social pressure.

If you must get married, ensure you get into it with someone who completes and complements you. Someone you can look up to in this life. Get married to someone who adds value to your life, who makes you feel complete.

Do not feel discouraged when your peers are getting married all the time and you cannot find someone suitable for you, life is not a race but a pursuit of happiness and contentment. Just be patient your time will come, you will enjoy it until you will not remember anymore that you got settled at 35 or 40!
Worrying About Late Marriage?
Worrying About Late Marriage?

A year of perfect love and happiness can undo decades of loneliness. But rushing into marriage and end up with the wrong person, you are headed for decades of unhappiness and a lifetime wasted.

Think like that.

However, we are praying for you to get the real-life partner that God designed for you as early as possible. May you not make a mistake in this area of love and relationships, in Jesus' mighty name!

God bless you.

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