MUST READ: "Type Yako Inotyisa Kuroora!" Chats Between Two Lovers

For years we have taught the youth and singles by the Word of God to maintain purity se8ually till they get married but many do not seem to get the gist of the many dire consequences that follow. 

Let us pick one of a genuine chat between two youths that have been sleeping together for 3 years and yet things are going sour for the lady:

[7/3, 06:54] ......: Sei wakundinyararira?

[7/3, 06:56] Diva: Shaa ndiri mukomana ndakawana zvimwe. Do you know kune vasikana vasingamanikidze vakomana kurara navo???
"Type Yako Inotyisa Kuroora!" Chats Between Two Lovers
"Type Yako Inotyisa Kuroora!" Chats Between Two Lovers 

[7/3, 06:59]Diva: I found the one who is principled haangouye paden pangu haataure zvekuti hee my feelings ari high wat wat ndik******irewo.

[7/3, 07:00]........: Nhaiwe inga une rough I did that bcoz ndandakunzwa kuda s*x now wakundiita rough after 3 years uchirara neni why Diva?

[7/3, 07:04] Diva: In short takatochaya mapoto zvakapera wangu type yako inotyisa kuroora munhu anoita 3 days camping paden pangu lying to your parents kuti uri kumadiscussions you are a monster.

[7/3, 07:09] .......: Wakundidaro waidii kundidzinga??

[7/3, 07:10]Diva:Shaa chero tikazogara tese tichaitei chichashamisira zvefamily planning unoketa zvekugeza neni unoketa tsvaga umwe ini ndakufinwa wangu chero kutsvaga roora rei munhu wandaikw***ra 3 years.

[7/3, 07:12]Diva: Bye wangu.

Bishop Sibiya says: What people do not seem to understand in life is that, though males and females both desire s*x, the basic reasons for having that act differ therefore you may be shocked when you discover that you have not achieved what you were trying to. Men have s*x because it's their number one need therefore can have it without any emotional attachment(though spiritually and physically dangerous). Women can do the same but that is extremely rare because for ladies affection is their number 1 need. It is therefore apparent that the act can happen where a man is just thinking of offloading his seed while the lady thinks that they are emotionally connected.

In this story, and sadly for many of you reading, the lady thought she was impressing the guy and buying his affection and loyalty by giving him her most priced possession for 3 years, her body. She had the act with her HEART. On the other hand, the guy knew he had to offload his seed therefore held on for 3 years, having someone to help him fulfil his need but was always thinking: how can I ever marry someone like this? He had with act with his BRAIN! So sad HEART and BRAIN failed to measure up and this makes many of us to cry!

Let me close by saying to both boys and girls living in se*ual sin, or any other for that atter: "“Be sure your sin will find you out”?(Numbers 32:23).

Vanangu, ityai Mwari, mirirai hapana chinotiza ipapo, mirirai nguva!

Bishop Pride Sibiya loves you and is praying for you!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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