Demons Are Crying: The Ultimate Self-Deliverance Prayer Points!

Self-Deliverance Prayers

By Apostle Pride Sibiya.

Many years ago, God anointed me to bring deliverance to God's people. I have done so for so many years. As I was writing my manual on deliverance, the Lord impressed on my heart to also teach on how people can do self-deliverance. That can be accessed in my latest book on deliverance. Here are prayer points that I will ask you to go through in prayer, in a safe place and with someone, for your personal deliverance! Tap into the grace and anointing on my life and start!

If you are interested in going through self-deliverance please go through these prayers. For emphasis, sake repeat every declaration you feel directly addresses your issue.

Receive Jesus Christ

“Lord please cleanse me by your blood. Make me to be a new creature in Christ as I receive the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. Lord Jesus please come into my heart and forgive me of all my sins. I … (Your name), declare that I am a born again child of God from today, I will follow Him all the days of my life, in the fellowship of my Christian family, the Church.”

Ask for forgiveness

“Lord please forgive me of all my sins that I have, personally, involved myself in. Lord please forgive me for … (Mention the sins that you know). I confess all of these sins. I confess the sins that I have forgotten. Please wash me in your blood and cleanse me.”

Deal with the sins of the fathers and mothers

“Lord I confess the sins that me and my fathers and mothers from the first generation, second, third and fourth generations. Forgive us for…… (Mention the ones you know). Please forgive us for the sins I have forgotten. As you are cleansing me, I shut every satanic doorway of hatred, bitterness, sin, anger, sexual sin, stealing, robbery, lust, pride, abortion, attending demonic services, using demonic powers, concoctions and abilities. I shut every door of witchcraft, spiritual spouses, Satanism, voodooism, wrong religions, Freemasonry, black and white magic…(please mention other doorways you know that are affecting your life). I close all the open places of my body from demonic intrusion. I close every opening on my body. I am calling upon the fore of the Holy Spirit to baptise me right now.”
Demons Are Crying: The Ultimate Self-Deliverance Prayer Points!
Demons Are Crying: The Ultimate Self-Deliverance Prayer Points!

Take on the whole armour of God

“As your child, Lord, I take upon myself the bill of rights that you have availed for me. Right now, I clothe my spirit with the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit, the belt of truth, my feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace and all kinds of prayer, spiritual armoury and weapons. Lord clothe me and protect me as I go against all the powers of darkness. Empower me now, Lord, anoint me with your holy oil, let the oil of heaven fall on me right now, let your fire be on my life and send your angels to assist me as I break demonic powers over my life, family and destiny.”

Deal with soul-ties

“Lord I have entangled myself in spiritual powers but today I stand against all demonic powers in the name of Jesus Christ. I break all soul-ties that I have made with sexual partners (mention those you remember), with nicotine, cigarettes, cars, demons… (Mention others).”

Engage in warfare

Now is the time to speak to the forces that are against you using the authority of Jesus Christ. Say: “With my spirit clothed with the whole armour of God, I attack every spirit fighting against me. I take the sword of the spirit and destroy your demon. I speak the fire of God against you. May you begin to burn in that fire. I release the blood of Jesus to fight against you, and mobilise God’s angels to fight against you in the name of Jesus Christ.

· I break from every covenant that my fore-parents cut for themselves, me and our families.

· I rebel from Satan’s hold over my life. I break every word and curse that has been spoken over my life. I break every agreement and word spoken against me. I fight the curse that said I will not….. (Mention curse that you know). Satan and your demons, from today, you have no authority over my life.

· I break every satanic ritual that was held against my prosperity.

· I pull down satanic alters that were erected in our family. I destroy satanic words, sacrifices and commands that were released at these alters. In the name of Jesus Christ, I speak to these alters that they may disintegrate now! I command every alter to fall right now.

· In the name of Jesus, I silence every voice fighting against me. I declare that every tongue that rises against me in judgement is condemned.

· I release the fire of the Holy Spirit against every writing fighting against me. I erase every demonic imprint that is speaking against me. I burn all demons by the fire of God right now. I send the fire to the date, day, month and year that rituals were done against me. I send fire to the water world where my name was forwarded. I burn every article that was used in bewitching me.

· Now I command demons that entered into me through generational sins and curses, my bloodline, receiving money and gifts, through…. (Mention the ways in this book and some that you know by yourself).

· Today, I renounce all personal demonic invitations. To every demon that invited, I recant that invitation, now. You are no longer welcome. I reverse the invitation, by the blood of Jesus. I reject you from my system. I burn you with the fire of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ mighty name. I destroy our contract, I revoke our relationship, in Jesus’ name.

· I visit my dream world now and fight every spirit that has been visiting me through dreams. I reverse everything that was done to me by way of dreams. I cast out demonic oppressions as I sleep, I command everything that I ate to come out of my body. I command the hair that was taken in my sleep to burn by the fire of God, I command every demon that was using me in my sleep to burn now. I destroy water spirits, I burn snake, dog, bat spirits that fight me. Today I fight the human-figures that visit me in my dreams giving me witchcraft wares or food or marital spouses. Let them burn, in the fire of the Holy Spirit. I destroy the spirit of shame, the spirit of rejection and all anti-marital demons.

· I divorce you spiritual husband/wife. I remove your ring now, I reject you and denounce our marriage. You have no authority over my life and my marriage. I declare I shall be married and wed. I shall prosper and have many children.

· I command the spirit of death and suicide to leave me now, in Jesus’ name. I shall not die but live to proclaim the goodness of the Lord.

· I command sickness, illness and disease in my blood, in my body, in my bones to leave right now. By the stripes of Jesus, I have been healed!

· I command the spirit of poverty to leave me now. Poverty, you have no right over my life. Jesus Christ became poor that I may be rich, the blessing of the Lord on my life makes me be rich and adds no sorrow to me. I shall prosper! I am prosperous, in Jesus’ name.

· Fear you have no power over my life. Death, you have no hold over me. Demons I reject you.
Demons Are Crying: The Ultimate Self-Deliverance Prayer Points!
Demons Are Crying: The Ultimate Self-Deliverance Prayer Points!

Cast the demons

Speak directly to the demons and with authority give them commands to leave you and go to dry places. Manifestations usually accompany these commands as spirits try to resist.

· I now command every spirit that is possessing me or oppressing me to leave my life now in the name of Jesus. I command you to leave my… (Mention body parts, properties or places) in the name of Jesus Christ. You, the spirit of… (Mention specific spirits that are troubling you) leave my body now in the name of Jesus. Go out now, leave, leave, leave in the name of Jesus Christ (repeat this till you feel the spirits have left).


From now begin releasing declarations on your life using the word and positive words.

· I declare that I will not die before my time. I will live to declare the glory of God. I will see my children’s children.

· I am blessed beyond measure, I am the head and not the tail, I am a winner and never a loser, I am the head and not the tail, I am above and never beneath. I will leave an inheritance for my children’s children. I will give and never borrow, I shall be blessed and be a blessing to the nations of the world. I will support the work of God and be a blessing to the body of Christ.

· I declare I am healed. I am the righteousness of God. I will see abundance all the days of my life. I will have authority over the earth. My marriage is blessed. My company is blessed. The work of my hands is blessed. Everything I touch turns to gold. I will work for the Lord. I will lead many souls to Jesus Christ. I will help many souls be delivered.

Now take out your Bible and repeat Psalm 23 and 91 infusing it with your name. If you have no Bible, purchase one and read it daily. Is something happening?


God bless you.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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