China NaBishop Tavaziva: Why You Should Avoid Adultery

"Whoever commits adultery with a woman is out of his mind; by doing so he corrupts his own soul." Proverbs 6:32

By Bishop Edd Tavaziva

If the story of King David does not convince you of how devastating the compromise of adultery actually is, here are six powerful reasons to avoid it.

The first reason to avoid adultery is that you damage your spouse. The Bible teaches that when you have sexual relations with someone, a unique union takes place. You become one with this person. You may say it is just a one-night fling, but the truth is, you have just become one with someone other than your spouse, thus dishonoring and damaging that special oneness that was previously only shared by the two of you.

Incidentally, adultery is a sin for which Jesus gave a release clause in marriage. That’s not to say that you should instantly get a divorce if there has been adultery in your marriage. No marriage should be automatically dissolved without the two parties attempting to do everything possible to work things out. Yet when one spouse commits adultery, the other spouse is damaged. Adultery inflicts great emotional pain on the spouse who has remained faithful. In many cases, the most devastating blow to your spouse is not so much the act of adultery as painful as that may be but the prolonged period of time you spend trying to cover your tracks.

He cheated on his wife for seven years. She was devastated when she realized that he had been living a lie all that time. She felt betrayed as she thought of all the Christmases, children’s birthdays, and

anniversaries that they had celebrated during those seven years—while he was secretly unfaithful. What deception!

“Adultery is character assassination; it is the breaking of one’s solemn promise; it is the treacherous betrayal of one’s closest friend. Divorce includes the same kind of betrayal; it may be legal, but it is still nasty.”
Why You Should Avoid Adultery
Why You Should Avoid Adultery

The second reason to avoid adultery is that you damageyourself. A person who commits this sin must be in a backslidden state in order to do it. This person has probably been rationalizing sin for so long, they have forgotten which way is up. The enemy will undoubtedly continue to try to attack this person in this area, even after they have returned to the Lord because he or she crossed the line, to begin with.

Radical measures must be taken if this person is to keep from falling into this snare again. It’s much easier to commit adultery the second time than it is the first.

Has it happened to you? If you think you should simply terminate your marriage and marry the person you have become involved with, think again. You are about to attempt to build a marriage on a completely corrupt foundation. In fact, you are about to build on sinking sand. Not only is what you are about to do both unbiblical and sinful but how will you ever fully trust that person once you marry them? The whole relationship has been built on deception and mistrust. So will it be with the marriage?

Statistics show that second marriages are twice as likely to fail as first ones. Third marriages fail even more frequently than second ones. The odds that marriage will end in divorce only go up with each new divorce and remarriage. And don’t think getting a divorce will make you happier.

A survey conducted found “unhappily married adults who had divorced were no happier than those who had stayed married.”

Family Research Council said, “Divorce leads to many ills including poverty, depression, poor health and a greater likelihood of suicide.”

Another reason to avoid adultery is that you damage your children. Please let me underscore this reason. If you are a man, your position as a spiritual leader in the home is determined by

your own hand. Not only does it erode the trust of your spouse when you commit adultery, but it also diminishes your children’s ability to trust you. To make matters worse—as in the case of King David—your children may even repeat your sin.

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