China NaAunty Rhoda: Value Added Woman

Many people think that Jacob loved Rachael because she was beautiful.

Beauty only attracts a man to a woman but what determines his true love for a woman goes beyond beauty. Rachael was not just beautiful, she was industrious per excellent.

Why do we have a lot of beautiful ladies today yet no husband? Because beauty without value and virtue is like a cloud of smoke. What impressed and attracted Jacob to Rachael was her industriousness.
Value Added Woman
China NaAunty Rhoda: Value Added Woman

While her brothers and elder sister Leah were at home, Rachael single-handedly brought her father's flock to the well. That was where Jacob met her for the first time. No sensible man can resist a woman who is beautiful and industrious.

What made a man worked for 7 years for the woman he loved and yet felt like he just worked for 7 days?

... VALUE!

My man doesn't respect me, is because you are not a Value-Added-Woman (VAM).

Do you realized that Jacob did not pay Leah's bride price? They gave him Leah as bonus. Because she has no value. This was why Jacob had no respect for her and her children, hence he set them as first entourage when he was going to meet his angry brother.

If you force yourself on a man, he may never respect you. If he got you cheaply, he will never respect you. If you are not adding value to his life, he will never respect you.

Even after marriage, Leah was begging and buying the attention of her own husband. Rachael was practically in control of Jacob.
Value Added Woman
China NaAunty Rhoda: Value Added Woman

Rachael was a shepherd in the midst of her siblings, a Profession meant for men. She was in control of her father's business. This was what glued Jacob to her. Gen 29:9 - Jacob was still talking with them when Rachel arrived with her father’s flock, for she was a Shepherd.

How can boys be in the house and a girl (last daughter of the house) be the one to tend her father's flocks and the family business? Industriousness!

After Jacob slept with Leah, he still went for Rachael. Sex does not keep a man, value does!

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