China CheVarume NaSekuru Mbambamba: Helping Her

Helping your wife in the kitchen is not foolishness. Just thinking aloud. 

I have heard a lot about lazy men who are too bossy and not romantic. If you help your wife in the kitchen, it's not a lack of self-respect and it will reduce the level of your anointing. Gone are the days when the kitchen belonged to the women alone. This is because our fathers would work on the farm all day while our mothers were at home. Times have changed such that women now work and perform the same duties that men do.

Some men sit down as a TV remote and still wait for their wives who are breastfeeding their baby without sleeping over the night to come and serve them bread, tea and fried egg in the morning. Does cooking helping your wife in the kitchen reduce the level of anointing? Instead, why can't men make breakfast and invite your ladies to the table rather than saying my wife doesn't know how to cook my favourite meal. How do you expect your wife to be good at doing your favourite meal when you cannot make your favourite meal yourself.
China CheVarume NaSekuru Mbambamba: Helping Her
China CheVarume NaSekuru Mbambamba: Helping Her

Better is a man who cooks his favourite meal and enjoys it together with his family. After all, there is nothing bad if a man helps their wife in the kitchen, am not saying it's your responsibility but, it's romantic even if it's done once in a while especially from your heart.

This is a call for us to train our boys how to cook bearing in mind that most of the boys are going to live alone on campus one day or renting on their own. The reason why most men always have a problem with the cooking of their wives follows the thought pattern that we marry to have someone to cook for us. Moreover, boys do what they see their fathers do, thus, if they've never seen their father entering the kitchen they are most likely to do the same. The kitchen is not a women's office, in fact, the kitchen is not an office that needs an appointment for the male child.

Ladies, when you men decide to cook, motivate him by hugging him from behind, serve the food, feed him, blow him a kiss, get him a juice in the kitchen, let him know you appreciate that and don't go and call him the next morning to come and cook, let it be a freewill. Don't give negative comments about his cooking, appreciate his effort and help him to be better. If you feel like you more of your man cooking for the family, introduce a cooking competition to make cooking fun for both of you.

To whom it may concern, you know I love you. I come in peace.

Salt of life...Should I put more Volume????

Bishop Pride Sibiya loves you and is praying for you!

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