...So Who Is A Father? Happy Father's Day!

Bishop Pride Sibiya here in Africa, wishing all you men-folk of mine a great day and every other day. 

I am praying for you my man that God make you into everything that He purposed when he created you! You are a father, congratulations! I celebrate you!

But what or who is a father? The first thing we need to know is that a father is a representation of the ultimate Father over all creation, God Almighty. You are an extension of the fatherhood of God to your family and community, wakatomirira Mwari panyika. When we look at our father's they should be a reflection of God to us!

Dad and son

A father is a source. Adam carried Eve, her womb, breasts, and everything including Cain, Abel, and all of us in his loins. Eve had to be taken out of him. In other words, he as a father is the source of all! The family around you is named and is gathering around you, figuratively speaking. You are the source and centre of that family. Therefore make it a point you are exuding godly and proper living norms because your family and community are following after its source, you! Please know this, YOU ARE MORE THAN A REPRODUCTIVE MACHINE, you are a source, a representative and representation of God!

A father is a trainer, a nurturer, a nourisher, a teacher, a trainer, a discipliner, a lover, an example, a standard, a norm and an encourager. Will explain more about that when we meet, my guys. For now, know that you are special, you are mighty, you are loved and a great man...you are a father, you are a male parent of the nation.

Happy Father's Day!

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