Signs Of A Disobedient Spiritual Child In Church


(1) To be in the church where you disagree with their teachings yet you still go there every Sunday.

(2). To be under a pastor whom you don’t trust , you undermine and don’t believe in him. You cannot grow spiritual if your heart has issues with your pastor.

(3). Being a member that is not committed , you come to church when you have nothing to do yet when something has happened to you , you want everybody to jump to attending you.

(4). Being non supportive to other members when they go through challenges but expect support when you go through tough times.

(5). To expect other church members to love you, yet you don’t show love to them and busy complaining that there is no love in this church . Give /sow love you will reap love. No body is told that he / she must wait for others to love them but we are told to love one another.
Signs Of A Disobedient Spiritual Child In Church
Signs Of A Disobedient Spiritual Child In Church

(6). To claim that you have been saved for a long time yet your life doesn’t show any sign of spiritual maturity.

(7). To claim that you have been a member of the church when it’s started yet your life does not show and does not reflect what has been taught to you over the years.

(8). Thinking because you been in the church for long time, that qualifies you to be in the leadership yet you have not catch the vision of the church.

(9). To be in the church where you complain about everything and yet you don’t even pray for your church.

(10) You complain about slow progress of the church yet you are not contributing anything to bring progress in the house.

(11). To be in church where you love the pastor but you disregard his wife. This is an error.

(12). To be given a platform at church instead of speaking the language of the house , you come with your foreign teachings that are not in line with the teachings of this house.

(13) To bear grudges in mind against others in church including your pastor cos of offences.. It's an error.

(14) To be having a sexual relationship with someone in church or your pastor. It's an error.

(15) To murmur and discuss your pastor in a negative way with the enemies of your church.

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