Lobola Ceremony Ends After Vhuramuromo When They Discovered This

The Madziwa community is in shock after a Harare man and his team withdrew from lobola negotiations after coming across the ‘bride’ s thirsty social media comments.

Maxwell Mavhudzi (29) from Harare had dated Christine Murape (23) for 3 years and raised $2 000 for lobola while his father Misheck (54) had added $4 000 to make the amount decent.

Only Vhuramuromo had been paid when the father decided to call off the negotiations.“My other son Martin sent me screenshots of what my prospective daughter in law wrote on social media in Facebook groups like Mvenge Mvenge, Fashion Police and other groups.

“She not only posted half-n_de pictures but would pass thirsty comments like ‘ndatota’ on other men’s pictures even as recent as the eve of the lobola ceremony. We decided to call off the ceremony and Max agreed with my decision. “I am sure he will look for another decent girl while I keep the money for him. The Murape family refused to be compensated for what they had spent but chased us away.” He said.

Lobola Ceremony Ends After Vhuramuromo When They Discovered This
Lobola Ceremony Ends After Vhuramuromo When They Discovered This

Max declined to comment but Christine insulted The Citizen journalists over the phone, “Citizen Citizen kudii. Tibvireipo ana Bhangu. Makafaraka kuti roora was called off and my Dad wants to kill me like right now. Go to hell naMax and his uptight Dad. Tell him it’s 2021, not 1980.”

She hurled other unprintable words before hanging up. Max’s neighbour who identifies himself as Rasta had a different version,” Mudhara waMax ndewemasports. Pamwe akatozoona vasvika kuti kabhebhi kakunzi muroora ako ndakatombokadyawo.”

Bishop's Note: Ladies and gentleman, the advent of social media is a great blessing to humanity the world over. However, if we do not restrain ourselves, we can actually make it into a serious curse. Being a social media person I am shocked at married people commenting very suggestive comments on people of the opposite sex and actually passing even rude comments on such public platforms where the whole world has access. I suggest that, we as a people, fear God and let the Holy Spirit help us from within making us to be new people or else we are losing the very fabric of our social life.

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