Haaa Masokisi Taneta Nawo: Men Complain On Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day To All The Men Like Me Out There! Greetings All the Ladies!

After my programme with Mai Judah on Star F.M this Wednesday on We-Men, many men conversed with the Apostle. Here are some of the descending voices of concern:

"Apostle, vanhu ngaaitewo serious, the way even media talks about women's issues kana G.B.V against women zvakanyanya, ko isusu varume?"

"I don't even really knw what father's day is, I just know Valentine's and mother's day!"

Men Complain On Father's Day!
Men Complain On Father's Day!

"Bishop, semurume I can't complain but ha-a zvinorwadza. Mother's day unofirira kutengera munhu zvinhu zve$700. When father's day comes unoona waigirwa masokisi edhora. Haa-a madzimai musatidaro!"

"Madzimai, masokisi taneta nawo. This year tengaiwo zvimwe, sokisi No!"

"Haaaaa kwandiri haina hurry, bishop. Sezvamakataura pachirongwa kuti varume vapi, madzimai vagashiri, ndizvozvo, tingadii hedu. If they give us something, it's okay, kana pasina ndochema here?"

Ladies and gentlemenen, what I deduced from the above chats is that there is a general feeling among men that their ladies are short-changing them in a way. A few women I engaged concerning this had a feeling or shared sentiments along the lines that they never thought men were really concerned about gifts: "Men are too macho. Even when you buy them something, they seem not to notice it or make a big deal of it!" Another said that she never thought it was really a big issue buying a husband something on father's day since it was neither his birthday nor their anniversary.

Bishop's Comment: Men are designed by God to be givers. When you look at the biological anatomy of his body, he has nothing to receive from a woman but to give into a woman. By nature men are givers and women are receivers. However, what many women do not seem to know is that while men are more macho and strong physically than women, they are actually weaker on the inside and emotionally than women. men need a lot of honour and affirmation from their female counterparts in relationships. The Bible is clear that women ought to honour their husbands...and I say, "you can never honour without an honourarium! As a lady do something that you have never done for him on this special day, masokisi varamba asi!!!

What is your take on this topic?

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