When a believer talks to God in faith and with confidence, God will truly fulfil the desires of his heart. 

Evelyn was speaking to the congregation saying that most Christians listen to the voice of fear, doubt and to voices that remind them of their inner inadequacies. She further said that such Christians cannot see beyond what the situation at hand suggests. 

What most of them see is a failure and no hope in life. This is why they start to tremble and stumble.

She said that we as Christians when we start to tremble, we should tremble on the rock of ages. She encouraged the congregation not to ever lose faith and hope in Jesus since he is a solid rock on him we must always stand. "A child of God that works in the natural goes by what is seen is no much for Satan", Evelyn told the Christians. Feelings always change when circumstances change. She later shared a verse in the book of Isaiah 43:1-2.

She likes that verse very much because it gives her confidence of how special her Lord is. Evelyn said that you should always make the word of God work since the Lord said Himself that He knows His thoughts towards us, thought of good and not evil. She further added that when you're weak, you tend to be strong. This is only if you aren't standing in your own name but in the name of the Lord.

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Evelyn Joshua's Touching Message To Christians After Her Husband's Death!
Evelyn Joshua's Touching Message To Christians After Her Husband's Death!
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