Welcome To Choto Chemadzimai

Welcome ladies to Choto Chemadzimai.

A group created by Bishops Pride and Anna Sibiya in godly principles of building a lady after God's own heart in life, relationships, family, marriage, business, and ministry. Teachings are mainly from the Bishop and Mai, the elders here, and all of us are free to also give teachings as long as they do not go against our ethos.

Welcome To Choto Chemadzimai
Welcome To Choto Chemadzimai

Please invite others LADIES!

-With the exception of the founder, the group is for ladies ONLY.

-Ukangotuka totokubvisa pagroup. Munhu akataurawo or kuchema nedambudziko or even akanyepa or kungotaura harisi basa redu kutuka or kushora the person, aposta or any other person pano. Ngatiremekedzanei! Ngatisimbisanei, kunyangwe kune vanoita zvinogumbura!

-No porn

-No rude language

-No ungodly, or illegal, political or material or adverts. We do not entertain shaming of people, public figures, or organisations unless there is enough evidence of abuse.

If you have testimonies or questions or anything to post please post directly if you have no problem going public or post to admins and moderators for private and anonymous posting.

-No external advertising except for members. No unverified job adverts. No advertsbof or for other groups on WhatsApp groups.

-No chain messages

Group Adminstration
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