The Dangers Of Masturbation


There are two kinds of ways people can engage in sexual perversion. They are:

1. Penetrative Sex: lt is performed with cucumber, pencil, candle, carrot, plantain, banana, electronic device, bottle, Dildo etc inside a woman's vagina.

2. Stimulative Sex: lt is done with fingers on the penis or on the clitoris.


These are some of the sexual acts some people engage in and they will say because it was not done to them by a man or woman, they didn't have sex.

Now, the dangers of masturbation are as follows;

1. Everyone who indulges in masturbation has totally lost his or her sexual self control.

2. Every masturbator is not in his or her right senses.

3. Most male masturbators will experience drastic sexual weaknesses in the days to come and Olingospermia ( low sperm count).

4. Every male masturbator will experience a weak erection each time he tries to have a sexual relationship with any woman.

The Dangers Of Masturbation
The Dangers Of Masturbation

5. Every masturbator suffers from self condemnation and self guilt after satisfying himself or herself from masturbation and still goes back to it within 5-10 minutes. This will show you, that you are enjoying sex with demons not yourself.

6. Every masturbator will encounter uncomfortable sexual urges to masturbate more than if they were having sex with a fellow human.

7. It's too hard to sexually satisfy a woman who masturbates, no matter the efforts you put in place.

8. Women who consistently engage in masturbation may encounter vaginal prolapse.

9. A married woman who engages in masturbation may loose her sexual hunger for her husband's real penis.

10. It's harder to stop masturbation, unlike when you are having normal sex for a man or a woman. This is because masturbation is the abuse of oneself sexually, influenced by demons of perversion.

11. Single ladies who enjoy masturbation, will find it difficult remaining or maintaining a relationship that can lead to marriage, not because you are not a good person, but because, you are spiritually connected to a demon of sexual perversion through masturbation.

12. Masturbation Is a perversion, not according to the pattern of God for sex. Sex is only made for man and woman not for self to self, man to man nor woman to woman.

The only way to come out of masturbation is to invite Jesus Christ into your life to be your Lord, Saviour and King. Only He, through the power of the Holy Spirit can set you free from the bondage of sexual perversion.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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